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Things are now starting to feel a lot more real.

In the mail today - my university diploma (finally!) and the (official) invitation to my friend's wedding ♥
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It's only been a week, but it feels like a lot longer. Well let's see... I've officially graduated from UCSC. Now I'm just waiting for my diploma in the mail. I ended my college career with a 3.58 GPA average (could have done better, but I'm not complaining). This last quarter I got two As and a Passing (which would have been an A, but it was mandatory P/NP).

Other news, my stepmom's work needs someone to do temp stuff and it looks like I'll have a job this summer (or at least part of it) ^_^ And other than reading Death Note, that's all I'm really doing for the rest of this month (I need an L icon). Although I did FINALLY get one of the new Torchwood books that I ordered. So I have that to read too. And the rest of the Dresden Files books. I'm only in the middle of book three.

However, in July I'll be going to Canada for a week (random family vacation) and then flying to San Diego for Comic-Con! There will also be new Psych, the new Stargate movie, the new X-Files movie, new SGA, my mom's birthday, I move out of my apartment, and I'll be planning my trip to Europe with [ profile] pinkpurpleponie to see the Mighty Boosh live!!!

PS It's FUCKING HOT HERE. At least I'll soon be watching last week's Doctor Who as well as some other shows. At the moment I'm trying to find the Death Note anime.

PPS This is fucking gorgeous. Atlantis, anyone? Oh, and nerdy aliens FTW ;)
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I hate big events. I really do. All you do is plan and stress. I almost wish people didn't care about me graduating. I know my mom would be really upset if she has to miss it (her only daughter, her first kid graduating, etc.) but my grandma is having a brain biopsy on Friday (day before graduation) and I feel bad that my mom is going to be away from her for most of the day Saturday. For the record, my grandma turned 92 today.

I have graduation practice in about 40 minutes and after we have a senior dinner. All I want to do is go back to the apartment and clean some more. I'm trying to start packing things so my mom can bring some stuff back with her this weekend. I don't want to wait until the last minute to move everything out of my apartment.

And I'm tired today because I was crying last night over this shit and the weather has been hot and I don't know.

PS I'm wearing flip-flops to my graduation. It's going to be hot. Fuck shoes. This is Santa Cruz anyway.

However, a couple things that are making me happy (or will make me happy):

1. New Psych soon ( OMG I love them <3<3<3 )

2. Comic-Con
3. New Stargate movie
4. New X-Files movie
5. Trip to Scotland to see the Boosh
6. Death Note
7. News about a new Drake & Josh movie
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OMG New X-Files trailer!!!!!!!!!! Is it July yet?!

Gillian Anderson is pregnant!

I just found out that the person who made the (original) Brokeback Island video on YouTube is actually a girl in my Cult TV class.

And I'm not sure I'll be able to watch 'The Doctor's Daughter' the same way again thanks to this.
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I'm working on my final project/presentation for my Cult TV class. This consists of me watching countless Boosh songvids on YouTube. I think I'm going to talk about RPS in the Boosh fandom and maybe show a Noel/Julian vid in class.

I'm going to miss college...
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Still sick. A little better though. Temp is down. Now it's mostly no voice and I seem to be attempting to cough up a lung. And when I cough, it hurts my head. Other than that, I'm feeling okay ^_^

I'm going back to my Dad's this weekend. This time for my sister's birthday. She's going to be 13. And it's going to be a sleepover. It's going to be interesting. Thankfully, they'll be sleeping in the front room, so Geoff will get the guest room, and I will get my sister's room. The room with the computer. Something tells me I might be online all weekend again. Probably won't be good for my health (or sanity) but I have shows to watch, dammit!

But before I go to San Jose tomorrow, I'm supposed to see my friend. The plan is to get her to watch Junjou Romantica and make her love it ;D

Speaking of which - new header. Might want to keep playing around with it/make other ones. But for now it's bright and pink.

I'm graduating from UCSC on June 14th. Just a few weeks and I'll be done. I still can't quite get my head around that. I don't even have that much to do this quarter. I have one final and one final project which I guess consists of a 5 minute presentation and a 3-4 page paper. And that's all. I'm done.
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* I don't watch CSI: Las Vegas (or any of them, actually) but I saw a preview for the new one on Thursday. Was my mind playing tricks on me or did I see Adam and Jamie? I might have to actually watch this episode, even though they'll only probably be in it for a second or two. (

* Adrian's new video was making me feel weird because I knew the music in the background from something else and I couldn't place it. Until just now, when I realized that someone had used that song in a very graphic (and fantastically well-done) Doctor/Master vid. Now I have very interesting images in my head. It doesn't help that Adrian is filming Milo as he's about to go to sleep and then the song goes "You are my angel."

* I'm so glad that House is back, even if it is only for four episodes. Spoilers. )

* Pictures from STARGATE: CONTINUUM!! Spoilers. )

* I got a 90% on my Dino test.
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Each graduate has the option to have a 15 word statement read to the audience as you cross the stage. What would you like to say? (ex. Future Plans, "Shout Outs", etc.) Each statement will be reviewed, those above 15 words will not be read.

I'm extremely tempted to have them read out something like "Live long and prosper" or "Come with us now on a journey through time and space" while I walk across the stage. But 1) would they do it? and 2) do i have the balls?
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There was something I wanted to say yesterday, but I can't remember it now. So instead, have a list.

Things that make me happy:

1. The names/summaries for the last two House episodes of the season (spoilers) )

2. On Monday, we get to see the trailer for the new Stargate SG-1 movie! Possible spoilers (cast at least) in the link.

3. I bought tickets to Comic-Con. Now I just have to figure out how I'm getting there and where I'll be staying ^_^

4. I'm almost done with school and I'm looking for jobs. (Both yay and nay I suppose.)

5. NCIS marathon on USA. I was watching it in the front room with my sister while I was making waffles. All of a sudden she pauses the TV, rewinds, and points to Zac Efron. I laughed. Good times.

6. New episode of Doctor Who.

Things that don't make me so happy:

1. I have a test in my Dinosaur class on Tuesday. I haven't taken a test in what feels like forever. It's always essays in Anthro. None of this actual remembering of specific crap. I also have to actually read the chapters now. Luckily it's a short book. Dinosaurology (that's what my teacher calls it - don't look at me) isn't as easy at it looks :P But the class is fun and interesting. Next time our teacher is going to prove to us that there were gay dinosaurs. And I got to hold a dinosaur coprolite. Lucky me ;)

2. The new TW books aren't expected to be in stock from Amazon (where my dad pre-ordered them from) for another 5 to 8 weeks.

And that's all I can think of at the moment.
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It appears to be just as hard leaving school as it is getting in o_0

I (thankfully) checked my UCSC account today and saw that I had to complete two exit counseling sessions with quizzes at the end for my school loans. I had to run back to the apartment though to get some information I didn't have on me. Also, I can't for the life of me remember people's address and numbers so thank goodness for I had some of my friends' addresses saved there and I used them as references. However, they appear to be done for now at least. I see how much I owe and when I have to start paying it back.

I still have to sign up for my college's commencement ceremony and then find time to go the bookstore and order announcements, cap & gown, etc...

Why can't it just be like any other summer? Oh yeah, because when Fall rolls around this year, I won't be coming back to Santa Cruz. And that's weird. Really weird. Also means I gotta start looking for a job. Which I actually am, so I'm on top of some things. Still need to get my passport though. Maybe next week. Gotta go to the post office.

I'm tired, rather stressed out (and this is an easy quarter - I should be thankful I'm already done with the hard classes), and I just want to go back to the apartment. I just have to submit my homework for my Cult TV class and I can. Then I have to study for my Dino quiz. But that's not so bad. After that, I'm watching Cloverfield and falling asleep. I hope.

Also, new header on my journal. It's really simple and I might change it/work on it later, but I love that picture and wanted to see it all the time ^_^ Speaking of journals, I really want to change my layout. As soon as I have time, that is. I was even going through my computer, finding icons I had made but never posted (some of them I quite like), and even feeling the urge to do some 'shopping. Who knows, maybe my Muse isn't dead.

PS I liked the new Doctor Who if for no other reason than the fact that the Doctor made a crack about San Francisco and the crazies who live within ^_^


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