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Because I still love Joe's stupid face ♥

One of the best cupcake recipes HOMG )

I was just going to make cupcakes and watch movies today, but my friend called and wanted to get dinner. Her husband was just fired and she's upset and doesn't really want to go home right after work. So while it's not under ideal circumstances, at least I get to see a friend today. I'm gonna give her one of my cupcakes :)
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I'm so bad at writing about shows as they air. Wrote this as I watched but never got around to posting it: Here are my quick thoughts on the most recent Psych, 'Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing)' )

Today was my day off and I did something I haven't done in damn near forever. I wasn't lazy. I turned off my laptop, turned on some music, and CLEANED. I only got a section of my 'room' done, but seeing as how I haven't even tried to organize in years, that's something. It helped that my brother was at his friends' and my mom was at a shindig with old high school friends. It was at my dad's and I was a little bummed I couldn't go and see my sister, but it felt nice to have the house to myself (and my grandma, but she doesn't bother me). I mean, I actually got shit done :)

I have tomorrow off too (THE WHOLE WEEKEND?!) so I'm going out with friends for breakfast and then I'm coming home to clean some more. I want to try and make some sense of all my DVDs, among other things.

I've just been feeling kind of down lately (with some good reason) and I can dwell for a bit, but really I need to do something about it. So I'm mixing things up a bit. Sorting them out. Got a haircut (that usually makes me feel a little better), I'm cleaning up my living space to make myself more comfortable, I'm going to start eating better and working out (slowly at first), I'm going to be serious about saving money (I want to start putting away for retirement as well actually), and I'm going to seriously rethink where I am and what I want to do. I feel like I want to DO stuff. I want to do simple, everyday things like cooking more often, hanging out with friends, trying restaurants, etc. I want to do more extraordinary things. I want to travel the world. I want to set foot on every continent. I want to visit Antarctica. I want to own a place of my own.

OK, I don't know exactly where I was going with that, but it's 2:30am and I gotta sleep. Night y'all!
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1. My sister (15) has a friend who she calls a mini me because she's a geek and into many of the same things I am. I guess she convinced my sister to watch some Doctor Who because she was texting me quotes from the show ('Are you my mummy?'). And I just read her FB status which says "just watched Dr. Who with friends for 9 hours xD but its a feakin awesome show :P"

I just thought of something. My sister now knows who Captain Jack Harkness is 0_o

2. There's an interview with Matt Smith in the new Radio Times (he's interviewed by a 13 year old boy) and one of his answers made me love him even more than I thought possible. I like Sinatra all right (that's more my brother's thing), but Atlantis AND dinosaurs?! *clutches heart* I've been saying for YEARS that if I had a real time machine, one of the first things I'd do is go back to see what the dinosaurs REALLY looked like. And Atlantis is a not-so-secret 'obsession' of mine.

3. White Collar!

4. This was actually from a couple days ago, but trailer for the new 'Sherlock' series from BBC (and Moffat!)

5. And also slightly older news: Joe Jonas is going to be on 'Hot in Cleveland'

6. Looks like ThinkGeek has moved the expected date of more sonic screwdrivers up from 8/4 to 7/27. I don't want to get my hopes up but squeeeeeeeeeeee!

7. Series 5 is now available for pre-order!
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Sorry for the emotastic update the other day. I wouldn't say I'm bipolar, but it's amazing how I can go from 'FML' to 'I love life!' so quickly and often. Anyhoo, I love lists. Like, to an unhealthy degree I'm sure. I need to get my act together and figure out what I need to do to change my circumstances. What steps I need to take, how long it might take to get there, etc. I need to be proactive and not just lie there and play the victim like my mother.

Some good things that happened today:

* I went to my Goddaughter's baptism. I am soooo not the most religious person, even out of people my friend knows, so it's an honor to be asked. I'm happy to be involved in Natasha's life in any way <3

* I got to hang out with 3 of my best friends today and two of their babies. I spent a good 10 minutes hitting a balloon to make Sophia laugh :D

* Even though I've known my friend's family for about 15 years, her parents, brother (Godfather), and husband kept saying 'Welcome to the family' :)

* Wore a cute outfit, ate good food, saw friends and family, got out of the house. Not a bad day off.

* House and Merlin marathons on today! Even if I didn't really get to watch any of them.

* I got my cell phone rebate in the mail - $100!

Tomorrow I'm going to get up early so I can call the Disability office and try to figure this all out. I'm also going to return some of the stuff I bought but haven't used yet. I'd rather save $$ right now. I hate unexpected expenses, but at least I have some $ saved and I'm working towards my goal (whatever that might be). I just have to get my priorities straightened out and work on my impulse spending. I've gotten better, but I could still use some more self control.

Oh, and this happened <3 :

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I had this whole long entry about how depressed and miserable I've been lately, but I don't really feel like talking about that right now. Today was much better than yesterday (which was one of the worst days of my life) and I just want to focus on the good right now. (*NOTE: I actually wrote this yesterday, but had no energy to finish/post it)

* I just got a new cell phone - LG enV Touch )

* Toma's first movie coming out on the 20th is both happy news and less-than-happy news. Happy because we're getting all sorts of promotions and interviews with him. Less-than-happy because I'll know it's out, but I have no idea just how long I'll have to wait to see it. Especially with subs.

* Nick J's solo CD continues to make me happy. And sad. Either way, I'm enjoying it immensely.

* I want to be more like Joe. That is a sweet ass ride right there.

* Nick and Joe went on a bro-date for ice cream and their preciousness makes me happy. In my soul.

* Each interview with Toma just makes me love him more. He's so passionate about acting and he takes each job/role so seriously. He understands just how lucky he is to be where he's at now. He says that he isn't one of those people who were born to act, and chances come and go, but the important thing is to do the best in what you're doing now, give it your all. He wants to be the perfect actor. I just worry about him being too harsh on himself. He's a perfectionist and he seems somewhat anal, so I hope he just takes care of himself and has fun. Which he does seem to do, thankfully.

He also goes from being serious and admitting that he sometimes feels the pressure is 'scary' to then saying things like:


Anyway, I'm feeling slightly better now. I'm still tired and cranky (plus mildly depressed and suffering from allergies), but it could be worse. If I have the energy, I'll post a picspam of happiness on V-day, but we'll see. I always threaten picspams and then never follow through :) I managed to get Sunday off so I could go to a friend's anti-Valentine's Day party (where she was semi trying to set me up), but I just don't think I'll feel up to human contact by then.
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Cut for emo. Again. )

Ya know what? Screw that. Life's not all that bad knowing that these boys exist and are adorkable )

Also, via Twitter: @joejonas Congrats @NickJonas with #WhoIam Coming out today! You are talented,smart,dreamy.. I love you. I'm Proud of you.

♥♥♥♥♥♥ x infinity

White Collar is definitely a happy place right now. Peter/Elizabeth is one of my favorite canon couples and Peter/Neal is just precious beyond belief.

House was also good the other night. House and Wilson being on the same side was nice and the world could always use more Mr. Sprinkles.

And for the record, I'm feeling MUCH better by the time I'm posting this (~3 hours after I started). In fact, I almost want to delete the top part, but I'll leave it.

Okay, last postscript I swear. I got my preordered Nick Jonas CD today! Won't be able to properly listen to it until Friday, most likely, but I have it ;)
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Edited to add a better quality video

The screaming gets annoying, but it's Joe and Kevin performing with Nick at his most recent show!

At the beginning, Joe sort of plays with Nick's hair, sits on the piano bench with him (and doesn't let Kevin sit with them), and then rubs his shoulders? Then there's the fist bump and the hug at the end. Joe just looks so proud of his baby brother <3

I still can't quite believe Kevin's married, even though I bought the 'People' magazine and I've seen the proof

And since I closed today, I was able to watch some of Nick on Live with Regis and Kelly this morning. He looked like a little adult.

I apologize. When it comes to these boys, I turn into a mother hen. Either that or a proud grandmother who carries around pictures of her grandchildren and shows them to everyone.

It's an odd phenomenon.
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I'm so proud of you, Nick.

Although it looks like his #1 fan is still his big brother, Joe.

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And now I'm going to sleep. Goodnight!
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I had to work this morning even though it was supposed to be my day off. And I'll be working the rest of the week, New Year's Eve and Day included. Ugh. So Tired. And not feeling well (possible UTI). Plus, it's never really a picnic at home either. I could really do with like a week off in a row. And not just because I'm recovering from surgery. I should shower, but I don't want to get out of bed. It's not even 6pm and I'm ready to fall asleep. Except for the fact that my mother is playing Rock Band.

I saw some old high school friends the other day. We all had brunch together. It was nice to see them again, but it felt like that scene in Friends where I ordered one of the cheapest items because I'm poor, but we all ended up splitting the bill evenly. I wanted to say something, but we only do this like once a year, so I let it slide. Plus tip, I ended up spending about $22 for a waffle. It was a nice place, but fuck that. Next time, let's meet at IHOP or Denny's.

Doctor/Master audio clip from 'The End of Time, Part 2'. Is it Friday yet?! I don't know if I can take all this. I haven't really been talking about TV, even though I've been watching it, but I quite enjoyed 'The End of Time, Part 1.' It was cracky and ridiculous, but it worked. It's darker than normal, but give me Master/Doctor and I'm good with just about anything. I'm easy like that. I'm scared for Friday though. We already know how it ends, sort of, and I'm not sure I'm ready to see/experience that. I've already watched Part 1 at least twice, which is rare for me, so close together. Lately, the only thing I've been rewatching is White Collar. I also rewatched the latest ep of House because I'm craving the Holmes/Watson & House/Wilson dynamic ♥

Random bit: I noticed it while watching it the first time, but I really love the soundtrack to Sherlock Holmes.

Also, not my proudest moment, but this made me LOL: from

Okay, this entry is all over the place and making little sense. I think it's time for a shower and nap.


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