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In a Newsweek article about Star Trek (title is subject line), they compare the current White House staff/politicians to characters from ST -

Obama is Spock (Cool, collected... those ears).
Rush Limbaugh is Klingon Commander Kor (Villainous aggressor on the verge of war).
Bill Clinton is Captain Pike (So talented, so promising... so damaged).
Joe Biden is McCoy (Salty motormouth who thinks he knows best).
Rahm Emanuel is Kirk (Seriousness of purpose meets unbridled id).

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Sometimes I'm not so grateful for living in California. Stupid Pacific Time Zone ;P

I'm awake. I'm awake.

ETA: I think I might make cookies/bring them to work to celebrate today ^_^
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i will not crush on the future president of the united states of america.
i. will not. crush on. the future president. of the united states of america.

Ah, screw it. Not sure why I even bother trying to resist. It hasn't exactly been working for me so far ^_^

A couple more
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Heroes was all kinds of awesome tonight. But I can't think about that (or anything else really) after having just watched this:

♥ ♥ ♥
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Applying/looking for jobs is slightly depressing and not helping my general mood today :/

At least there's a job fair here in Daly City on November 13th.

Also, I've gotten used to reading/seeing pictures of pretty graphic sex in yaoi manga. The anime is a lot tamer in that regard. But hearing the drama CDs for the manga, where everything is acted out, makes me giggle. Actually giggle. I like it just fine, but I feel embarrassed for the guys. Even if they did choose this as a career and probably make decent money for it.

ETA: I had asked my mom to get a newspaper for me today. She couldn't find any anywhere. So she stole one from her work ^_^

ETA 2: Here's a picture of the front page of my newspaper )

That one and all others can be found here -
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Obama's on stage with his family and I'm crying like an idiot :D


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