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Video under cut because it's huge )

And in related news, I'm never going to sleep again. After the nightmares I just had, this is going to seriously traumatize me 0_0
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First of all, a funny video response to that racist UCLA girl from the other day. The chorus KILLS me as does this line: 'It's alright, Alexandra. I know you know nothing about tsunamis. I just want to make sure you know that it's not a type of sushi.' ♥

And here's an awesome video of Saturn using real pictures and not CGI.

I hung out with my friend today. Thankfully not until later in the afternoon so I could sleep in a bit. I read some of Fragile Things while she had her MRI. It was nice to get out though and I felt hungry enough to eat and enjoy some really good Chinese food. I also got a cupcake/cake holder/carrier thingy so I can transport my goodies a lot more easily now. Next thing I get will be a stand mixer because it would make my life a little easier and I could finally make my own frosting! Too bad they cost so much. At least it'll be something of an investment towards my future. I resisted buying nail polish at Sephora though so yay me ;)

I got a letter from the unemployment people and I have a phone interview scheduled for the 28th of this month. I hate that crap. I just feel all awkward talking on the phone and even though I'm not lying about anything, I still feel guilty for some reason. I'm just trying for the hell of it while I look around and look into maybe school. I'm not expecting anything really.

I don't really have any plans for tomorrow, or today I guess. I don't drink but my friends do so that kind of rules out a lot. I need to clean my room, paint my nails, I don't know. Friday I'm going out though. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's movie, Paul, comes out and I'm seeing it even if I have to go alone. Which I will be. Sunday though we're supposed to see my friend because her birthday is today but she's busy.

Oh! Does anyone have the audiobook of Good Omens that they could upload to Megaupload for me? I'm still kind of scared of Mediafire.
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And I seem to be coming down with something. I'm not sure. I've been feeling slightly nauseated for a couple days (which I almost never feel) and I just feel off and generally icky all over. My body is getting that sore all over feeling you get when you usually have a fever and I'm restless. I already put my go-to sick!movie in the DVD player (TMNT) and I'm craving the chicken noodle soup from Safeway and ginger ale. That can't be a good sign. Plus I have these spots/sores on my tongue which are apparently a sign that my body's fighting something. IDK I have a very strange body. It's nothing contagious, but I'd get them every now and then and it took FOREVER for a doctor to tell me what they were. They really hurt if I have anything like lemon or ketchup. I'll know I'm in trouble though when I get the urge to crawl into a corner. That is a sure sign I'm sick.

I'm supposed to see a friend tomorrow. She's getting an MRI on her knee and we were going to hang out and get lunch first. But she has to call in tomorrow morning and see if she's needed for jury duty so we'll see what happens. I both want to see her and just stay in and sleep. Although that's pretty much all my lazy ass does these days. Ugh, I've got to do something about that. But not right now. Now I go to sleep.
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This 1st person video of the tsunami is terrifying. At first I was like, okay some water. But not a moment later I actually yelled 'Holy shit!' at my computer. I'm scared and I'm not even over there. Jesus. One thing I'm actually 'grateful' for, given the circumstances, is that so many people in Japan were able to film what happened. It's so easy to forget just how serious this kind of tragedy is when it's so far away from you. But so many people filming and sharing their experiences have really helped bring this event into our own homes. Our own lives. It shouldn't have to be that way, but unfortunately, for many it is.

Pictures of Japan: Before and After

Also, thank you [ profile] midnightwhisper for buying the Help Japan v-gift and for sending it to me
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Because I still love Joe's stupid face ♥

One of the best cupcake recipes HOMG )

I was just going to make cupcakes and watch movies today, but my friend called and wanted to get dinner. Her husband was just fired and she's upset and doesn't really want to go home right after work. So while it's not under ideal circumstances, at least I get to see a friend today. I'm gonna give her one of my cupcakes :)
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One of these days I'll finish my advent calender ;)

I stayed up last night so I could listen to Mazza and Kazza live on the radio, playing some of their favorite tracks from this year. These were their choices... )

While waiting for their show, I watched Van Gogh: Painted with Words and proceeded to cry my eyes out. Take Vincent's story, in his own words, performed by Benedict Cumberbatch and you have one of the most heartbreaking things you've ever seen.

Charlie and the Doctor's Badger - Doctor Who Confidential - I LOVE THEM ALL A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT <3

Matt Smith was on "The Graham Norton Show" where we saw that he was wearing nail polish. My head!canon is that Karen painted his nails for him because that would make me RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY ♥_♥

I got to open one of my presents today and I got these two shirts XD

Also, just wanted to say that I've gotten cards from [ profile] natacup82, [ profile] fenellaevangela, [ profile] justbolognese, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, and [ profile] beetle_breath. THANK YOU <3

ETA: The Doctor Who Christmas Special was featured on the IMDB homepage! )


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