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My newest crack delivery system? Hanazakari no Kimitachi e.

'The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya. Horikita plays the protagonist Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl in the U.S. who one day sees the young athlete Sano Izumi compete in high jumping on television. She begins to idolize him. Sano gets injured one day in America while trying to help Mizuki escape from some gangsters. He stops high jumping ever since. Mizuki blames herself for the incident and decides to go to Japan and help Sano find his love for high jumping. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy in order to meet with him again.' (From Wikipedia)

I'm only 2 episodes in and I love it. It's silly and fun and just what I need right now <3 It's also one of the few shows where I really love all the characters (although some more than others). And I even have an OT3 (the 3 in the middle of the picture I posted above). I never have those!

PS This Drake & Josh interview is adorable! They're in love, Y/Y?
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I come home from work to find out that MERLIN SERIES TWO HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!!! YAY! It's about time we got some official news.

Also, guess who I'm going to see this Sunday? LEONARD FUCKING NIMOY! He's narrating Peter and the Wolf over at the Davies Symphony Hall, so my mom and I are going. I know he's known for other stuff too, stuff he's doing now, but he will always, ALWAYS be my Spock <3

PS Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh is on again! What'll this be - the 6th time I've watched it? ;D

PPS I haven't really been keeping up with Boston Legal, but after what everyone's been saying, I think I'll watch the series finale tomorrow. I am sad to see it go. No more Shatner and Spader together :(
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My feet hurt SO MUCH! But work was pretty cool. We had a district manager (or some such person) come into our store today to help organize things. When he walked in the store, he commented on how neat the tables/sweaters were. Later on, he also made a point of complimenting how organized the panty table was. Both of those were my areas =D

Also, this made me really happy <3

NEW YORK, Dec 09, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Drake & Josh Movie Ranks Among Top Three Entertainment Cable Telecasts Year-to-Date and Nick's Most-Watched Live-Action TV Movie Ever

Nickelodeon's original TV movie Merry Christmas Drake & Josh which aired Friday, Dec. 5, 8-10 p.m. (ET/PT) drew 8.1 million total viewers (P2+) in its premiere, ranking as the week's (12/1/08-12/7/08) number-one entertainment cable program, and earning the number-one spot on all of broadcast and cable TV for the week with kids and tweens. The primetime two-hour movie ranks as the most-watched live-action television movie with kids 2-11 and total viewers in Nickelodeon's history, delivering triple-digit gains over last year. The telecast also ranks as the overall number-three entertainment telecast with total viewers on cable for 2008 to date (based on NMR: live + same day delivery).

From here.

House is on!!
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So, now that it's officially aired, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh - best movie ever, Y/Y? [Picspam!] I'm ordering it on Amazon ASAP and watching it every Christmas ;D

BTW, my mom calls D&J stupid (in that I-love-you-but-I-think-you're-crazy kind of way). I didn't get off of work until 8:30 tonight, so I had her tape it for me just in case they showed anything during commercials that I missed on the version I had. Also, because I wanted to be watching it in spirit. Anyway, she ended up watching the whole thing. I heard her laughing every now and then, and when I tried to tell her something during the movie, she even told me to be quiet. Yeah, Drake & Josh is stupid. Stupid funny XD

New header - [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn. Not D&J, but Junjou Romantica <3 Speaking of, I had my brother get me this for Christmas. I couldn't help it! I won't be getting all of them, hell, they don't have subtitles, but I had to get this one. It's Nowaki's return from America. And the library scene ♥

I had the customer from hell today. She wouldn't stop yelling. And she had NO patience. I even had to help her try on shoes. *shudder* But whatever, she bought like $500 worth of stuff, so more credit for me!

Thankfully I don't work tomorrow until 2pm, so I'm going to make another 5 min cake (I want to have my mom try it) and try to finish my Christmas cards and mail them off. Btw, Thank you [ profile] beetle_breath! I got your card. The first one of the year <3
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I had to stop less than 5 minutes in so I could quickly make a .gif of a rather interesting scene.

Spoilers for Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh )

Drake & Josh meets Star Trek (aka OMG, I love these people even more now) )

Oh, sweet Jesus )

More picspam (not necessarily in chronological order) )
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1. William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy [from here]

2. Junjou Romantica's 6th episode [Egoist] was so cute it made me cry. Again. I seem to say that about all the Egoist story lines ^_^

3. Work was pretty good. Tiring, but good. And mom had KFC waiting for me when I got home.

4. I'm about to watch Merlin and I'm so EXCITED! I love being this happy/excited for a new episode of a show.

5. My mom, grandma, and I are going out to breakfast tomorrow. (We'll see if that's still a good thing tomorrow.)

6. This is why I love fandom. (Although I haven't gone through it yet, because I want to wait until I've seen the most recent Merlin ep.)

7. And finally for tonight -
From the new Merry Christmas Drake & Josh promo )

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Still ridiculously excited about this movie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Mile-long line for Academy of Sciences opening

By 1 p.m., 5,000 patient ones had gotten inside. By the 9 p.m. closing, the number grew to nearly 17,000. But thousands more were turned away for lack of room. The staff suggested that those who struck out Saturday could come back on the next free admission day, Oct. 15.

Last night's birthday party was a semi-bust. Everyone (even though there were only like 4) except my two best friends couldn't make it to the karaoke lounge. Which actually turned out fine, because we were exhausted from earlier that day and didn't really want to be there ourselves. It was also expensive and I didn't realize you had to pay per song. So we went stopped off at Safeway and got snacks and beer and went back to my friend's house where we changed into our PJs, ordered a pizza, and had cake. A cake with a naked man on it ^_^

And I feel FELL asleep watching Bridget Jones's Diary <3

But what I'm really here to talk about - the new Drake & Josh Christmas movie. Which is where my subject line comes from. Not from personal experience.

I am so excited for this movie, you have no idea. I showed it to my mom and she asked me how I could go from something like The Mighty Boosh to Drake & Josh. I guess the same way I can go from Iron Maiden on my iPod to 'C is for Cookie.' It's all about variety ;)
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I have my driving permit again!!!! Let's just not talk about how many questions I missed or how long it's taking me to actually get my fucking license, 'k?

I don't know what it is, but my mom and I can't be around each other for more than a minute before things turn nasty. I was born cranky, I realize this. But I used to be the one getting between her and my brother and making them stop fighting. Now, I can't seem to hold my tongue. It's hard when your mother acts like a child and a martyr. I'm just finding it harder and harder to not say anything back. It's bringing out the worst in me. I don't want to be like her. I really don't. *le sigh*

In better news, I got British money from the bank today. We ordered it last week and I finally got it. I know it's probably getting old hearing this (it's getting old saying it) but I still don't believe that by Sunday, I'll be in Europe. PS It really sucks to be an American traveling overseas right now, LOL. The things I'll do for the Boosh...

Oh, and I got my 'Best of Seasons 3&4' of Drake & Josh in the mail today. I know what I'm watching tonight ^_^ I just realized that "Josh is Done" is NOT on this DVD. I really don't understand who picks these 'best of' episodes because that was a damn powerful episode. Especially for a kid's show on Nickelodeon. Now I really hope the seasons eventually get put on official DVDs because I need that episode.

Tomorrow I go pick up my friend and Eurotrip buddy from Santa Cruz and then we go to the bookstore to find something long enough to read on the flight over there. I'm thinking I might try to learn Japanese. Or something. Maybe I'll read the crack!fic that is 'Twilight.' Except I don't want to pay good $ to read that.

PS If you missed them, I have two Matt Keeslar picspams here and here <3 <3


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