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Some icons which have been slowly building up lately. Mostly thanks to [livejournal.com profile] holmesverse and ic0nfest :D

24 BBC!Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch
21 Random

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

@ my graphics journal, warpedinside
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Re: my thoughts about the most recent Merlin, I might just have to link you to [livejournal.com profile] elandrialore's entry here. Basically, everything I was thinking, but more intelligent sounding. Also, pictures! And a 'missing scene' that in all honesty, should have been in the episode. But at the very least, we all know it happened ;)

I'll just say that I liked it. A great deal, actually.

Oh, and after seeing the pure adorableness that was the most recent Junjou Romantica episode (an Egoist story, of course), I had to make some icons. They can be found here
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It's been awhile - [livejournal.com profile] warpedinside

I made a Nowaki/Hiro fanmix over here (spoilers for Egoist acts 1-11) and some Egoist icons over here.

Examples of icons:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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I loved the cover art for Stargate: Continuum so much that I was even inspired to make a few icons. Very simple, but still. It's a start ^_^

You can find them HERE at my art journal [livejournal.com profile] warpedinside.
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wow. i haven't made icons in a long while. so here's me getting back into the swing of things ;) i <3 Bob (and Harry/Bob) so there will definitely be more to come. also, i'm trying to not do my homework right now.

[23] icons
[1] Harry/Bob love bar


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In the dark of the morning, I'll warm you, I'll rouse you... )

Half Nelson

Mar. 1st, 2007 08:36 pm
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first of all, i love my sister! she is the cutest thing EVER <3 she wrote me a letter where she said "Now, I don't want to get all emotional, but there is no way to describe how great a sister you have been... I look at your picture every day and I just think of how wonderful you've been and I kind of feel like you're right behind me. I sometimes even get disappointed that you're not right behind me. I also get so exicted thinking about the road ahead." i read that and i started tearing up. she's only 11. goodness knows she wouldn't be writing such nice things if we actually lived together (she lives in San Jose with my Dad), but i just want to hug her! at least i get to see her this weekend. it's been over 2 months since i last saw her. every time i see her, she's taller. she's gonna be taller than me soon! (of course, i'm only 5'6").

but the main reason i'm posting is because i finally got around to watching Half Nelson. the movie which won Ryan Gosling a Spirit award and got him nominated for an Academy Award! i keep telling people how amazing and crazy that is, but they don't quite understand why. see, i've been 'in love' with Ryan since i was, god, like 11 or something. that was 10 years ago. i liked him back in his Breaker High and Young Hercules days. even before that he was The Mickey Mouse Club (with JC, Justin, Christina, and Britney of course), Goosebumps- 'Say Cheese and Die', Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Flash Forward, etc... seeing him up there getting awards and being nominated is kind of like seeing a Power Ranger up there. he's come a long way and he's a great actor, but i used to watch him on these kid shows. it's just really weird for me. i am happy for him though. very happy.

anyhoo, great movie and now i shall spam you with pics, icons (even a Friends Only banner), and such ;)

(also not dial-up friendly)

before i get to Half Nelson, let me show you where Ryan started:

knock, knock. who's there? interrupting cow. interrupting cow, who? ... mooo? )

most of the caps i took of the movie are just Ryan because... just because ;P )

icons & FO banner )

so, in conclusion, i'd just to say that i liked Ryan before it was cool to like him ;P
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wanna know what i think about during my Earth Science & Cinema class? i think of bad geologist pick-up lines.

"You're the asthenosphere to my lithosphere."
"You move me."

in class today, we watched Dante's Peak. that movie is both disturbing (volcanoes scare me) and highly amusing. although i don't think it meant to be the latter. and the grandma in the movie? is Catherine Langford from SG1.

so right now i'm supposed to be working on my Stats homework, but it's kicking my ass. hard. also, this Mac that i'm on ate my flashdrive and now it won't show up :/ i don't know what's up with that but i really don't want to have to buy a new one.

on a much happier note: my thoughts on the latest ep of SG1- 'The Shroud' )
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*Psych was funny
*Scrubs was hilarious
*i bought the 4th season of Scrubs at Target with gift card
*and i ate too much pizza today (and Coke)

...that is all.


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