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It’s official: Red Dwarf to get full new series in 2012


So, Rimmer's going to be in it right? Does that mean he's his hard-light self? Has he returned from being Ace? Will they explain anything in this new series or will we have to rely on fanfic writers? Fanfic writers, are you ready? Are you willing to accept this challenge? Do I have any declarative sentences to add?


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That's disgusting.


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PS: Amazon's deal today is the complete RED DWARF series for $59.99. TODAY ONLY. I HAVE SOME TOUGH DECISIONS TO MAKE. BOUGHT THAT BITCH.


Apr. 20th, 2009 08:51 pm
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Hey Zeus, it's hot. Ya know. For Daly City.

Also, Red Dwarf wank, wut?!
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* I finally got my L nendoroid in the mail! He's so cute <3

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* I've only made one icon so far, but it feels good to be making Red Dwarf stuff again. Especially since people have been asking to use it. I won't lie - it makes me happy XD

* In other news, it's windy as fuck out there right now. Think I'll just climb into bed and watch some more Dwarf.
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Oh, Rimmer. How I've missed you! I think I'm falling in love all over again ;D

In other (related) news, I hate this computer. Every day there's something else wrong with it. Today I get home from work and I'm about to watch the new RD when I open VLC and it tells me the file/program is corrupt and unreadable. Not the episode, but VLC itself. So I freak out because most of what I do online is watch TV. I uninstall and reinstall it but it's still corrupt. Finally I uninstall it and install in on my desktop instead of in Program Files. It's working at the moment, but I don't know what the eff that was about.

And tomorrow's Easter. We don't really do anything to celebrate these days, so my mom and I are going to Japantown for the Cherry Blossom Festival instead. Whoo!

I think I'm going to watch some old RD eps now - first series maybe. Yeah, that sounds good. Or maybe something else to keep my mind off the fact that new Dwarf is almost over...

I made myself sad :(
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[point the first]
New header and matching default icon - [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn. I couldn't help myself. It's such a gorgeous photo shoot. New user icon too. Instead of the TARDIS, it's now a panda ^_^

[point the second]

[point the third]
Work is crazy right now. We have important people coming tomorrow and we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything ready. I have to dress especially nice tomorrow, as well as memorize some numbers :/

I think everything went okay *crosses fingers*

[point the fourth]
I went to go see I Love You, Man the other day and it wasn't as great as I was expecting. *shrug*

[point the fifth]
Pictures of Toma from his upcoming drama. April is looking good ;)

Thus ends another exciting post about my life. BTW, I haven't seen the last ep of Heroes or the last 3 of House even though I already know what's happened. I've been getting lazy with watching TV in general. I never thought I'd be someone to let work get in the way of fandom, but I'll be damned.

ALSO, also, tomorrow is my friend's 23rd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATA!!!!!!!!! We both have the day off and our other friend is coming up from Santa Cruz, so I think we'll have dinner or something together ^_^
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Kryten and Cat under the cut )

So, no Lister yet?
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More Red Dwarf spoilers!! I'm actually not reading any spoilers or plot summaries, but I am looking at any and all pictures. Why? IDK. So, if for some reason you're like me, here's a link to just the new picture --> picture


I don't know if it's the weather or what's been going on with me, but I just have no energy lately. Granted I don't get enough sleep and lately I've barely been eating because I'm afraid of what my stomach might do. But still. I feel like a zombie. It's not a feeling I enjoy :/

But I did watch two movies recently that I quite enjoyed - Antique and Summer Time Machine Blues. I recommend both (especially Antique) ^_^

I have tomorrow off, so I'm going to bake cupcakes for my coworkers to bring in on Friday. But not just any cupcakes - dinosaur cupcakes *is excited*


Toma's starring in a new drama!!

Popular young actor Toma Ikuta has a solo starring role in a drama series for the first time. The show, titled "Majo Saiban," will be the first drama to tackle the issue of Japan's new "saiban-in" (lay judge) system.

This May, Japan is reintroducing the jury system, which was previously abolished in 1943. Since then, only judges have decide the outcome of criminal cases, but under the new system, cases will be decided by a combination of judges and lottery-selected citizens.

In "Majo Saiban," Ikuta plays a typical part-timer with little interest in social issues. However, he is unexpectedly chosen as a juror in the trial of a suspected female murderer. While the mystery surrounding the case unfolds, an unknown group is secretly attempting to bribe the jury.

Actress Ai Kato plays a housewife who is also selected as a juror, while Manami Higa plays Ikuta's girlfriend, a newspaper reporter. Yuriko Ishida takes on the role of the accused.

Fuji TV will air "Majo Saiban" on Saturday nights at 11:10pm. The series starts on April 25, about a month before the actual jury system goes into effect.

I love how everyone is talking about how he's actually going to have a girlfriend in this one. But it's true. The boy is always in love with some girl who only loves him as a friend. Should be interesting. But either way, more Toma is always a good thing. And yay! for more starring roles <3


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