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Currently at my dad's in San Jose. Went to South First Friday last night. Before we started walking around, we ate at Caffe Triste. I had a mortadella and goat cheese panini while people in the cafe played piano and sang opera. Then we walked around for a bit. Saw some cool stuff, got some free comics, got a pin that says 'I (pair of glasses with hearts in the lenses) Geeks' and I got an ice cream/cookie sandwich from Treatbot, A Karaoke Ice Cream Truck from the Future. I also stayed up until about 2.30am and FINALLY finished Good Omens. SUCH a good book. But everyone already knows that ;)

Today we had homemade pizza (OMGSOGOOD) and I bought a yellow purse at T.J. Maxx. I needed a summer purse *shrug* Dad, stepmom, and I actually just came back from a 10pm showing of 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' in 3D downtown. My first time seeing it and it was HILARIOUS. The best way to watch a bad movie for the first time is definitely in a theatre filled with fans who love and love to mock. The alien was describing a weapon using 'science' that made NO sense, and some guy in the front yelled out 'THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS!' Good times ♥

One thing I always like about visiting them is that they DO stuff. I know my mom can't afford it and is usually in too much pain or too tired, but it's nice sometimes to go out and do stuff with people. I also got my taxes done. I owe $8 to the state - I think if you owe less than $10, you shouldn't have to pay at all - but at least I'll be getting a couple hundred back from my Federal taxes. I will be saving most of it (aka using it for student loans/food/gas) but I think I will spend a little on myself. One or two things from Etsy and the Starfleet sweatshirt. Then I'm good.

I also told them about my possible plans for baking/pastry school. I was scared about what they would think, but they seem to be happy about it. They seem to think it sounds like it could be a good fit for me and my dad was even saying that I should just really keep them in the loop and they could maybe help out if I needed it. I know I complain a lot sometimes, and sometimes it feels justified, but there are many things I'm very lucky about.

OH! And my dad, who already has a dark room for his photography, a professional digital camera, a kiln for melting glass, and who makes his own beer, mead, sausages, pasta, some cheese, and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, is now getting a real pizza oven and a beehive to make his own honey. I just. Jack of all Trades, my father is (except my dad is actually good at all this stuff). However, once again, I can't really complain because I get to reap the benefits. First thought when I heard about the beehive/honey thing though was 'my dad is turning into Sherlock Holmes' ^_^

Anyhoo, I'm sure you're all super excited, but once I get home I'll post a couple pictures I took while I was over here. Just with my phone though. Didn't think to bring my camera :/
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Sometimes I feel so bipolar. Not necessarily in an actual bipolar way, but like yesterday I was in such a good mood. Today I get a call from my mom's work saying that she was taken by an ambulance to the hospital because of her back. Right now she's on morphine and it's scary talking to her. They think she has another herniated disk. It took over 2 hours for me to finally get in touch with her. She's in Daly City and I'm at my dad's in San Jose right now feeling useless and scared. And now my dad's telling me that I should have my driver's license because now my brother's stuck at home and this really isn't what I need right now. I already know this. I already feel like shit. They're about to go to the Shark game and I'm just trying not to cry until they leave. Just got word that my mom is going to be staying the night in the hospital. I feel bad that my brother is left at home with our grandma.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] gakslime!!!!!!!!
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My mom got a video baby monitor to put in my grandma's room so we can keep an eye on her and make sure she isn't hurting herself. She has dementia and has tried to escape on many occasions, sometimes resulting in her getting hurt. And being picked up by the cops. My brother has put school on hold so he can basically stay with her and take care of her all day so my mom and I can go to work. My grandma sleeps in my old room while I now sleep in the main living area of the house.

Anyway, back to the point. This video monitor was a mistake. It's creepy as hell. Looks like something out of Paranormal Activity. My mom SWORE she saw something in the room. Some kind of light or whatever and it's freaking her out. Also, my grandma talks to herself (and maybe other people she thinks are there?) so that's creepy. My mom really believes in ghosts and spirits and whatnot. I suppose I do too, I just don't like them to be so close. It looked like dust to me, but whatever. I still hate that monitor.

In less disturbing news, ThinkGeek finally has Eleven's sonic screwdriver back in stock (!!) so I ordered one of those. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. Finally. I'm also only working like 4 1/2 hours tomorrow and I'm going out to eat with a friend after work. Sunday I'm working all day, but I have Monday off and I'm going to spend it watching movies. My life is so exciting :P
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Though I'd be perfectly happy to see England win as well :) I wish I had the day off. Thankfully I can at least watch for about an hour before I have to leave for work.

My grandmother turned 94 today. She shows no signs of kicking the bucket any time soon ;) Getting crazier every day though.

TODAY IS DOCTOR WHO DAY!! But then there's just one more episode of the series *cries*

It is a warm day - 81 degrees. In Daly City. That's HOT. For us. I don't like warm weather. But I'm in my capris, I have my hair in pigtails (IDK either), I'm watching England vs USA, I'm thinking about leaving for work early to get a Frappuccino from Starbucks... I seem to be in a good mood. I wonder if it has anything to do with seeing a friend yesterday and getting Chinese, working a shorter day today, getting paid yesterday, Doctor Who today, leaving for Europe in 9 days, watching a new interview with Toma yesterday (he's adorable, passionate, smart, etc *happy sigh*), painting my nails a new color this morning, and listening to new music.

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Video of the cast getting the bad good news from Dan Harmon

They all look so worried at first.

*hugs them all*


Also, I have a WHOLE WEEKEND off for the first time in forever, so I'm taking the train to San Jose to spend some time with my dad, stepmom, and sister. I'm also going to go the Star Trek exhibit at the Tech and I'm gonna get my Girl Scout cookies from my sister. Mmmmm... cookies.

On Tuesday, I'm buying Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day on DVD, and on Thursday my friend and I are going to see the one-night-only showing of the original Boondock Saints in the theatre by my house.

And my friend from San Diego is moving back to Santa Cruz soon, so I should be able to see her sometime in the near future.

If you can't already tell, I'm in a pretty good mood, despite some reasons not to be. But there are some things I'm excited about and I'm going to focus on those. Including another happy-making thing, but I'm going to make a separate entry for that.
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I wish Christmas could last just a little longer. I don't want to get rid of my BDS/xmas hats icon.

My dad, stepmom, and sister are flying to DC tomorrow morning (this morning now I guess) and they're flying out of SFO so they came over for dinner. While some might think it would be a little awkward with my mom, dad, and stepmom hanging out, it was actually really nice and one of the best Christmas meals I've had in a long time. It felt like a real family. The kind you know only exists in TV and movies. We dropped some of the ham onto the fudge, some of the veggies were overcooked, but we were all laughing and my sister said it best when she said all of our clumsiness made it fun. We had Christmas crackers and we all wore our paper crowns, read the bad jokes, and traded prizes. We ate so much; I'm still full of ham, sweet potatoes, and sweets. My sister even made crepes as part of an assignment for her French class <3

We exchanged gifts. They seemed to really like what we got them. I got a mini aebleskiver pan, a Boondock Saints shirt with the prayer on the back (which I've been looking for), a Jonas Brothers charm necklace, and money. I didn't ask for any of those, except the money, but they're perfect for me. Which makes me feel bad because I bought most of my own presents for my mom to give me. I know she can't afford much and she doesn't always get what I want. She tries, but I don't need/want a lot of what she gets me.

Anyway, it was a great evening and now we're dogsitting for a week while they're on the east coast. Poor Bridget started crying when she had to leave Willy here. And Willy's been whining for her.

Tomorrow I open the rest of my presents, have a delicious & unhealthy breakfast, go see Sherlock Holmes with my friend, and rest because I worked Christmas Eve and I work the day after. Fuckin' retail. But Sunday, I have brunch with a couple of high school friends so that should be nice.


Nov. 26th, 2009 01:58 pm
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From Stephen Fry's Twitter: 'America should be awake now. Hope you're enjoying your holiday. There's still time to reconsider: Britain will have you back, if you behave.'

So far today, my grandma has tried to run away 3 times (wrapped up a bunch of her stuff in a towel and was heading for the door) and my mom got angry and stormed out of the house. Hours later we find out she went to see New Moon.

Plus I had been crying so much last night, I woke up with a headache that won't die.

Gotta love the holidays.

There are still many things I'm thankful for. I won't go into a huge list because I'd probably forget something anyway. I will post this picture though <3

ETA: At least I have coffee and donuts now.
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The day before my birthday, Tuesday, my coworkers gave me a cake as well as a couple presents from our store that they had chipped in to get for me. I might not love my job all the time, but I do love my coworkers <3

On my actual birthday, yesterday, I went to get lunch at the mall with my friend and her baby. I also went to Torrid where I got a ridiculously expensive belt. I still feel guilty for buying it, but I've been wanting one and it is/was my birthday. Then I came home and watched TV/played around online until we ordered pizza for dinner and my mom brought home a chocolate cake. I also may or may not have read some more Jonas fic.

Today didn't start out so well. I woke up to my mom coming in the house yelling at me to get up. It was 10:30ish and I had a 10:45 appointment to see a doctor about my cough. I guess I slept through my alarm. I never do that. Granted, I was up until about 3/4am, but still. So I call ahead and let them know that I am still coming in, I'll just be late. I get there, the doc gives me some antibiotics and tells me to come back in 2 weeks if I still have the cough and we'll do a chest x-ray or something. I get my medicine, my mom picks me up, we grab lunch, and I'm back home FINALLY watching the season premiere of Heroes. I was supposed to hang out with my other friend today but I guess there was a miscommunication, because when I talked to her earlier, she said she thought I was working today. Normally, I might be more annoyed, but I kind of just wanted to chill at home anyway.

And tonight I guess I'll watch SGU since I haven't got anything better to do ;P

Tomorrow my dad, stepmom, and sister are coming up to take me to Japantown for dinner. I think I'll have a bubble tea and a fish-shaped chocolate pancake. Mmmmm...

And then Sunday, it's back to work. And either that day or Monday, I have to go back to LensCrafters. I got my new glasses on the 25th, and I still feel like I'm looking through a fish bowl. I'm not sure if my new prescription is just so much stronger I haven't adjusted yet, or if it's just wrong. But either way I need to go back and find out. I'm not spending this much money for nothing.

And now I'll go finish the most recent ep of Heroes so I can at least be caught up with that.
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* Today is my brother's 21st bday!

* There are new Toma scans out!!

* New Psych tonight!!!

* I have the weekend off so I'm going to my dad's tomorrow morning. My sister and I are going to watch the Jonas Brothers live Facebook chat, LOL. And then go see Ponyo.

Now I'm going to get ready for work and get it over with so I can get to the good stuff.



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