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One of these days I'll finish my advent calender ;)

I stayed up last night so I could listen to Mazza and Kazza live on the radio, playing some of their favorite tracks from this year. These were their choices... )

While waiting for their show, I watched Van Gogh: Painted with Words and proceeded to cry my eyes out. Take Vincent's story, in his own words, performed by Benedict Cumberbatch and you have one of the most heartbreaking things you've ever seen.

Charlie and the Doctor's Badger - Doctor Who Confidential - I LOVE THEM ALL A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT <3

Matt Smith was on "The Graham Norton Show" where we saw that he was wearing nail polish. My head!canon is that Karen painted his nails for him because that would make me RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY ♥_♥

I got to open one of my presents today and I got these two shirts XD

Also, just wanted to say that I've gotten cards from [ profile] natacup82, [ profile] fenellaevangela, [ profile] justbolognese, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, and [ profile] beetle_breath. THANK YOU <3

ETA: The Doctor Who Christmas Special was featured on the IMDB homepage! )
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First things first: Promo pic from the Doctor Who Christmas special )

rules )

my list )

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This weekend is being kind of suck-tastic. The only +'s are that I saw Harry Potter at a Thursday midnight showing and it's been raining all weekend. Like legit storm here. We have rain, thunder, lightning, and sleet so loud it deafens and so mighty it sets off car alarms ;) But these are not the reasons for my posting!

I suppose now is as good a time as any. If you want a Christmas/Holiday Card from me, you can either leave your address in the comments (they'll be screened) or you can email me at spacemonkeyluvn[at]gmail[dot]com. Or you can PM me or follow me on Twitter and DM me there or... You get the idea.

I'm terrible with keeping track of things, so just assume that I don't have your address and go from there ;)


And it's still raining, but the thunder and lightning have moved south (my friends and family in San Jose and Santa Cruz are saying they have it now). I'm still feeling tired, cranky, unhappy and generally 'poor me' right now, so I'm gonna go read some Sherlock fic. Maybe make some hot cocoa. Maybe watch something. I don't know. I'm so apathetic right now I can't even bother to pick something to watch. That's just sad, LOL.
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I wish Christmas could last just a little longer. I don't want to get rid of my BDS/xmas hats icon.

My dad, stepmom, and sister are flying to DC tomorrow morning (this morning now I guess) and they're flying out of SFO so they came over for dinner. While some might think it would be a little awkward with my mom, dad, and stepmom hanging out, it was actually really nice and one of the best Christmas meals I've had in a long time. It felt like a real family. The kind you know only exists in TV and movies. We dropped some of the ham onto the fudge, some of the veggies were overcooked, but we were all laughing and my sister said it best when she said all of our clumsiness made it fun. We had Christmas crackers and we all wore our paper crowns, read the bad jokes, and traded prizes. We ate so much; I'm still full of ham, sweet potatoes, and sweets. My sister even made crepes as part of an assignment for her French class <3

We exchanged gifts. They seemed to really like what we got them. I got a mini aebleskiver pan, a Boondock Saints shirt with the prayer on the back (which I've been looking for), a Jonas Brothers charm necklace, and money. I didn't ask for any of those, except the money, but they're perfect for me. Which makes me feel bad because I bought most of my own presents for my mom to give me. I know she can't afford much and she doesn't always get what I want. She tries, but I don't need/want a lot of what she gets me.

Anyway, it was a great evening and now we're dogsitting for a week while they're on the east coast. Poor Bridget started crying when she had to leave Willy here. And Willy's been whining for her.

Tomorrow I open the rest of my presents, have a delicious & unhealthy breakfast, go see Sherlock Holmes with my friend, and rest because I worked Christmas Eve and I work the day after. Fuckin' retail. But Sunday, I have brunch with a couple of high school friends so that should be nice.
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I suppose now is as good a time as any. If you want a Christmas/Holiday Card from me, you can either leave your address in the comments (they'll be screened) or you can email me at spacemonkeyluvn[at]gmail[dot]com

In other news,

* it's already November and I've only watched 50 movies so far this year. Stupid work getting in the way of me fulfilling my dreams/living up to my true potential ;)

* Sesame Street turned 40. 'C is for cookie, that's good enough for me...'

* Sculpture of Fred Rogers unveiled in Pittsburgh. I still miss him so much <3

* I have a general sense of FML right now and I don't have the motivation or energy to do anything. )

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So, I went to my dad's yesterday. I feel bad that I could only stay for one night, but I have work tomorrow morning :/ It also throws off my internal clock/calender. I feel like it's Sunday already. Anyhoo, I got MORE stuff. See, it's fun having divorced parents - twice the holidays, and twice the presents! This time I got:

+ more clothes
+ Mamma Mia!
+ Drake Bell's concert DVD
+ more candy
+ a nice purse/bag
+ another Trek Pez set (my family knows me well, they just don't coordinate their gifts, LOL)
+ $$ (which I'm allowing myself to spend most some of, because I've been good and I'm saving all my work money anyway - so I'm getting The Dresden Files season 1 (only $15 on Amazon), Cloverfield, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Live Free or Die Hard, Little Shop of Horrors, the JR artbook, a green Pop Pop (hours of entertainment!), and I think that's it)

I still haven't watched the DW Xmas special yet. Hopefully I'll get to do that tomorrow after work. My stomach's been bothering me more than usual the past couple days. I don't know what sets it off, but it's done this before for various periods of time. Also, while I'm complaining, my left knee has been bugging me. At least I have Monday off, so maybe I can just rest a bit.

BTW, just a fair warning to y'all - I will be writing an entry soon about Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and how much I've fallen in love with both the show as a whole and Nakatsu <3

Here's just a taste of why I love him so much:

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My Christmas haul (from my mom and brother - I still have my dad, stepmom, and sister):

+ Psych season 2
+ House season 3
+ Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
+ Junjou Romantica volume 3 DVD
+ Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special
+ The X-Files: I Want to Believe
+ clothes (nice ones that I can wear to work)
+ Star Trek (TOS) Pez
+ candy
+ a really nice watch

My mom got a flat screen HD TV and an XBox so she can play Guitar Hero. My brother didn't get anything really big, but he spends enough money on himself. He bought himself a new XBox, a new DS, etc, etc.

I hope everyone is having a nice day, whether you're celebrating something or not ^_^ I'm going to watch the two 'Hanazakari no Kimitachi e' specials and a couple movies (XFiles!). And wait for the Doctor Who special. And probably watch some House too. I don't know what it is about that show, but I love to just watch ep after ep. Oooh, and the Sci-Fi Channel is having an all day marathon of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Choices, choices. Scratch that. First I'm going to check out the JR Yuletide stories.
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So, now that it's officially aired, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh - best movie ever, Y/Y? [Picspam!] I'm ordering it on Amazon ASAP and watching it every Christmas ;D

BTW, my mom calls D&J stupid (in that I-love-you-but-I-think-you're-crazy kind of way). I didn't get off of work until 8:30 tonight, so I had her tape it for me just in case they showed anything during commercials that I missed on the version I had. Also, because I wanted to be watching it in spirit. Anyway, she ended up watching the whole thing. I heard her laughing every now and then, and when I tried to tell her something during the movie, she even told me to be quiet. Yeah, Drake & Josh is stupid. Stupid funny XD

New header - [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn. Not D&J, but Junjou Romantica <3 Speaking of, I had my brother get me this for Christmas. I couldn't help it! I won't be getting all of them, hell, they don't have subtitles, but I had to get this one. It's Nowaki's return from America. And the library scene ♥

I had the customer from hell today. She wouldn't stop yelling. And she had NO patience. I even had to help her try on shoes. *shudder* But whatever, she bought like $500 worth of stuff, so more credit for me!

Thankfully I don't work tomorrow until 2pm, so I'm going to make another 5 min cake (I want to have my mom try it) and try to finish my Christmas cards and mail them off. Btw, Thank you [ profile] beetle_breath! I got your card. The first one of the year <3


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