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That's disgusting.


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PS: Amazon's deal today is the complete RED DWARF series for $59.99. TODAY ONLY. I HAVE SOME TOUGH DECISIONS TO MAKE. BOUGHT THAT BITCH.
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I'm so bad at writing about shows as they air. Wrote this as I watched but never got around to posting it: Here are my quick thoughts on the most recent Psych, 'Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing)' )

Today was my day off and I did something I haven't done in damn near forever. I wasn't lazy. I turned off my laptop, turned on some music, and CLEANED. I only got a section of my 'room' done, but seeing as how I haven't even tried to organize in years, that's something. It helped that my brother was at his friends' and my mom was at a shindig with old high school friends. It was at my dad's and I was a little bummed I couldn't go and see my sister, but it felt nice to have the house to myself (and my grandma, but she doesn't bother me). I mean, I actually got shit done :)

I have tomorrow off too (THE WHOLE WEEKEND?!) so I'm going out with friends for breakfast and then I'm coming home to clean some more. I want to try and make some sense of all my DVDs, among other things.

I've just been feeling kind of down lately (with some good reason) and I can dwell for a bit, but really I need to do something about it. So I'm mixing things up a bit. Sorting them out. Got a haircut (that usually makes me feel a little better), I'm cleaning up my living space to make myself more comfortable, I'm going to start eating better and working out (slowly at first), I'm going to be serious about saving money (I want to start putting away for retirement as well actually), and I'm going to seriously rethink where I am and what I want to do. I feel like I want to DO stuff. I want to do simple, everyday things like cooking more often, hanging out with friends, trying restaurants, etc. I want to do more extraordinary things. I want to travel the world. I want to set foot on every continent. I want to visit Antarctica. I want to own a place of my own.

OK, I don't know exactly where I was going with that, but it's 2:30am and I gotta sleep. Night y'all!
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I really enjoyed Psych tonight. The me from 8th grade, the X-Files-fangirling, alien-obsessed, sky-watching, trip-to-Roswell-planning me who made UFO-hunting kits and had nightmares about being abducted REALLY LOVED this episode ;D
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by [ profile] vt_graphics

I will never get tired of their girly screams. Ever.

ETA: White Collar was wonderful! It was interesting, Mozzie was great, Peter and Neal were adorably sweet and BFF-y and I'm too tired for a real recap, but it was good. I was a little worried about how Neal would be after the finale, but so far they're handling it nicely.
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Matt Smith, I kind of love you ♥ (from here)

Esq: Being the new boys on set, have you and (writer/executive producer) Steven Moffat stuck together?

MS: “Steven is a great source of inspiration for me. I’m very fond of the man. There are not many people who make me laugh out loud in the world, but he’s one of them. Quite a peculiar man. I’m allowed to say he’s quite peculiar, because he told everyone that I walk like a drunk giraffe. So if you’re reading this, Steven Moffat, you’re peculiar.”


[ profile] elevenvids is also making me happy =D Especially any vid with an upbeat song. Such as this one:

I got life! )


I've also ordered the book I Love You Phillip Morris (from though because it was cheaper) and I think I'll save it to read on the plane to Europe. That should keep my mind occupied for a little while at least.


And finally, have you guys seen the new USA crossover promos? My favorite is the second one with Neal, Peter, and Gus but they're all adorable <3
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One of my favorite parts about Edgar, Nick, and Simon writing their own Hot Fuzz slash fic on Twitter (other than the WHOLE THING) is this comment on Edgar's blog: You realise this counts as canon to us now, right? That and the fact that Edgar ships Nick and Simon even more than they ship each other (@edgarwright @camposova I think the fact that I have out-slashed Pegg & Frost by 3 to 1 speaks volumes about me. Uh…) <3 <3 <3

OH! OH! And in Psych / House news, Television stars James Roday ("Psych"), Michael Weston ("House, M.D.") and Amanda Detmer ("Private Practice") will headline the world premiere of Gabe McKinley's Extinction in Los Angeles. The dark comedy centers on "College buddies Max (Weston) and Finn (Roday) [who] meet in Atlantic City, where they traditionally spend their vacations in the fast lane, religiously drinking, drugging and chasing women," according to an announcement. "But this time something is different, and thwarted expectations precipitate a dangerous showdown between the two friends."

Why can't I be in LA? *pouts*

Today there's new Community, The Jeff Dunham Show, and Milla Jovovich guest judges on Project Runway. Not a bad schedule.

In other news:

* I'm saving for a new computer and looking around for deals
* I paid off the rest of my medical bills, so that's at least one less thing to worry about
* I ordered a couple of belts from Torrid because they were having a 50% off clearance sale and I basically got 3 belts for the regular price of one (I'm going to return the one I bought for my birthday because I never even wore it and it still has the tag and everything)
* I bought two jackets (a cute brown one from work and a hot pink wool coat from Old Navy)
* I caved and bought myself a Jonas Brothers fanclub membership (DON'T JUDGE ME)

and most importantly
* I clearly need to stop spending money

Because I need to save for a computer, other than bills and maybe food, I really need to NOT spend any more money for at least a month. I have some money in a savings account, but still. I'm never going to get my own place at this rate. And good Lord, do I ever want to move out of here. Minimum wage makes it hard to save though. You buy some groceries and half of your savings is gone.

In conclusion, TOMA AND A TINY PUPPY!!!!!

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Just got some really bad work-related news today. My boss' boss, our DSM, was let go from the company today. He was a really great guy and now everyone is worried about their job. I've been better about spending money (I think), but I've really got to focus on saving now. Just in case.

I'm still coughing a lung out, so I made an appointment for Friday morning just to make sure my cold didn't/isn't turning into something worse.

My impending birthday has made me somewhat emo again. cut because it was annoying me )

In happier news, I think I'll get to see my friends at some point on my days off. At the very least, I'm doing nothing but watching TV/movies all day on my actual bday and on Saturday, my dad, stepmom, and sister are coming up to take me to Japantown for dinner. I asked for a new digital camera and 'Jonas Rockin' the House (Volume 1)' so should be interesting ;) I think I might also get my hair cut. I'm thinking maybe short bob again? I don't know.

In fandom-related news, I haven't watched Heroes yet. I'm scared *bites nails* I have all 2/3 eps on my computer though, just waiting for me to grow some balls. House has had some really good House/Wilson bits so far. FlashForward looks interesting enough to keep watching. I'm enjoying Merlin so far and even the inevitable Arthur/Gwen isn't bothering me too much. Psych is never not awesome (though I wouldn't mind if they toned down the Shawn/Juliet a little bit). Jonas continues to be a happy place. And I'm falling in love with Ikuta Toma all over again.

This segment of James Roday and Dulé Hill taking over Current is adorably funny (thanks to [ profile] entwashian for sharing this gem).

And I think it might be time for another dose of cough medicine.
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Psych )
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unused one under cut )


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