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Just got back from WonderCon! Met [livejournal.com profile] sharkshark and another whose name I can't remember because I suck. But I had so much fun. For the Doctor Who panel, I was the closest I've ever been to the front. The panel featured Toby Haynes (director of 'The Pandorica Opens' 'The Big Bang' 'A Christmas Carol' and the 2-parter series premiere), Neil Gaiman, and Mark Sheppard (the guy who is in everything). It was moderated by Chris Hardwick. When we first entered the room, they gave everyone a Doctor Who Insider magazine and an awesome t-shirt (pictures are under the cut). There's a really good write up of the panel here (copy/pasted from io9) which I am linking to because I also suck at remember awesome details. There will be some spoilers though, so enter at your own risk. Including a hilariously awesome line from Neil Gaiman's episode =D It was great to hear from people who had not only worked on the show, but who are also huge fans of it as well. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

After the panel, [livejournal.com profile] sharkshark and I met up with the other LJ person. While we were standing around the food area just talking, Toby Haynes walks by. [livejournal.com profile] sharkshark stops him and asks for his autograph and he said that nobody's ever asked for it before ♥♥♥ I got him to sign my DWI magazine. I also ♥ him even more for doing that because at the panel he had mentioned that he was dyslexic. Ooooh! And not only has he directed some of the best DW episodes, but he's also going to be directing one of the new Sherlock eps as well!!

After that, we walked around a bit, but I had pretty much come just for the panel. There was a booth that had free sci-fi books though, so I picked three of them just for the hell of it. Around 2, I called my mom to get me. While I was waiting to get picked up ([livejournal.com profile] sharkshark waited with me) a group of people walked past. One of the guys in the group looked my way, did a double take, and then all of a sudden ran towards me. We were wearing the same shirt so he was running up to give me a high five, LOL. I slapped his hand and he ran back to his group of friends. This was the shirt, btw.

So that's pretty much my story! I'm rubbish at con write-ups but if you have any questions I can answer to the best of my abilities ;P

Now I'm off to shower and maybe go to sleep early so I can get up and make my way over to Jtown for Frankenstein tomorrow. Oh, the other LJ person we met had gone yesterday as well, but they complained that we got the wrong showing so they refunded their tickets. Why don't I complain more often dammit! *facepalm*

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Went to see Frankenstein today. Wasn't sure how I was going to react, afraid I'd just be all 'Cumberbatch ♥_♥ *drool*' And I was actually slightly disappointed at first because on the site it said he was supposed to be the creature for my showing, but he wasn't. And it's true, I'd have loved to seem him as the creature, but the play itself was just so damn good. I don't really have any coherent thoughts so I don't think there will be spoilers. Just. Damn. That was quite an intense play. Brilliant performances. I must admit I've never read the original story, so all I have to compare it to are the movies which yeah... But I just, the ending was perfect and I went through so many emotions! I felt sorry for and hated pretty much everyone at one point. If you have a chance, go see it! I'm actually debating going back to Japantown on Monday just to see it again (hopefully this time with Benedict as the creature). It would require me to do a lot more public transportation than I'm used to (or comfortable with) but I think it would be worth it. It would cost me another $20 though :/

I must be crazy. I just bought myself another ticket for Monday's showing. I really wish they'd put this play (both versions) on DVD.

Tomorrow though I'm going to WonderCon for the Doctor Who panel.

Oh, and I got Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus on Blu-ray for $5. Win ;) I also had Oreos and Diet Coke Lime for dinner so I'm kind of like this now 0_0
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Video under cut because it's huge )

And in related news, I'm never going to sleep again. After the nightmares I just had, this is going to seriously traumatize me 0_0
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As seen on [livejournal.com profile] rosengirl's journal XD

Part I: Space

Part II: Time

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So I got my computer back from Geek Squad. Again. They wiped everything and I'm pretty much starting over again. They did back up some of my stuff though so I haven't lost it all. While I was there picking up my computer I decided to get Norton 360. I have since installed it and it's freaking me out. While I was transferring something from my Geek Squad backup to my external, Norton said it found some Trojans (disguised as PDF files I guess) and had contained them. I guess that means that Geek Squad didn't really ever get it. And I keep getting messages that stuff has been found and contained, and while I'm happy to hear they're contained, I just keep thinking that my computer is a mess and I'm so paranoid right now. I don't see how I'll ever be able to relax any more. I wish so much that I didn't have such an unhealthy obsession with the internet and that I didn't form attachments to inanimate or virtual items. I'm running a complete scan right now and I already have a headache (woke up with one, probably because I didn't go to sleep until about 4am). I just want to never have to worry about this stuff again. As if. Maybe I should get a Mac next time.

At least I got some goodness in the mail )
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Colin Firth Wants to Get Evil for ‘Doctor Who’?

click sparkle!text for linkage


That said, I hope it happens \o/
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ETA: I should mention I didn't make this piece of genius. Credit is on the gif :)
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Today I was finally able to visit this Irish bakery and get the pastie I've been craving FOREVER. I got two - one for today and one for tomorrow - but now I'm wishing I had gotten more. Mmmm... so good.

Had a friend cancel on me today (for a very good reason) but instead of being all anti-social, I called another friend and asked what she was doing. I still had to give her her Christmas present anyway. So I went downtown, peeked into Lush and treated myself to some King of the Mods since I haven't had any in ages and I really love it, read for a bit until she got off work and met up with her. Her hubby picked us up and we had a lovely dinner and watched two movies, the first one being really good ('Exit Through the Gift Shop') and the other being not-so-great ('Grimm').

Tomorrow, or I guess today now, I have one more movie to watch and then I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day watching Sherlock, Doctor Who, White Collar, IDK. Maybe I'll start some of those shows I've been meaning to watch. I should also probably read some Sherlock fic. I haven't felt like reading lately, so I've been saving links and I have quite a few saved up.

Also, totally woke up with this playing in my brain -

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Steven Moffat has ruled out a crossover between Doctor Who and Sherlock.

I can... understand that. I mean sure, we can have fun with the idea in fic, with Sherlock and the Doctor competing to outsmart each other and whathaveyou, but I'm not sure I'd want it to be canon. Now, Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master to Matt Smith's Doctor could be very interesting. *hint hint* *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

And completely unrelated, but I can't get this song out of my head. )


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