Mar. 1st, 2011 09:22 pm
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Just a few minutes ago, I went over to see if he needed food and I found him on his side at the bottom of his cage. Didn't believe what I was seeing at first. I tried shaking the cage a bit and making noise because I was afraid to touch him. It must have happened quickly (and hopefully painlessly) because he was just drinking a little while ago. He lived longer than our other rats though. I think the thing that caught us off guard was that our other rats all ended up getting hurt or sick. No warning with this one. He just went quietly.
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One of my old HS math teachers passed away this morning :(

I didn't always like him (I might have doodled a picture of him with arrows in his back) but he grew on me. He made statistics not so horrible. And he made terrible jokes that made us all groan. Still, he was a nice man and a good teacher. He will be missed.

RIP Mr. Sever
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So today kinda sucked. I came into work early because my boss isn't feeling well and had a doctor's appointment. I also have to open tomorrow at 8:30am on what would have been my day off because she's staying overnight for observation. Granted, that's a very good reason. And while this is probably nothing to most people, it'll also be my 10th day working in a row.

Oh, and to top it all off, my rat died today. And my mom's depressed. Understandably. I know they don't live very long, but it never gets any easier :(
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R.I.P. Dom DeLuise :(
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RIP Bea Arthur :(

My 'stomach' is acting up again. Two nights ago I spent practically the entire night throwing up. I've never thrown up that much before. Yesterday I left work early, got into bed, and didn't get up for 12 hours. Today I'm still sore from all the throwing up. Good news though - I finally got in touch with the HR person and they're sending me another health insurance card. It's supposed to take 7-10 days. It's been a month. I did get my info though, so I can at least start looking for a doctor and make an appointment. Also possible good news, I think I might know what's wrong with me. I think it's my gallbladder. I actually got into a conversation with a teller at Wellsfargo who has gallbladder problems and she said mine sounds kind of like hers. It would explain why the pain doesn't come until about 6 hours after I've eaten, why I keep throwing up bile, why Pepto and such do not work, and now that I think about it - it seems to happen after I've eaten something fatty/greasy. Oh, and apparently my grandma had hers taken out and my mom has gallstones. Seems to run in the family :/

Some actual good news - I got my tickets to the May 7th midnight 10:30pm showing of the new Star Trek movie! And Toma's new drama premiered today <3

Even though I was supposed to have tomorrow off, we have an important visit on Tuesday so I said I'd come in and help out some more. So on that note, I'm getting into bed. 'Night!
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Mmmm... Miso soup. Salty goodness.

New House tonight!

So, I decided not to go downtown to do that hair model thing. I think they wanted me to pay, and I already have my hair cut. Plus, I'm tired and lazy. On my days off, I like to do nothing ^_^

I've been on a Psych kick lately. Probably brought about because of new episodes and my mom buying me season 2 on DVD for Christmas. Plus, the commentaries. The episodes are funny, but there's something about listening to the people who make the show laughing at their own work that is just hilarious. They sound like they have so much fun. And they point out things I might have never noticed or known about but which add to the enjoyment of the episode. Then there's Shawn and Lassiter. Shawn and Gus are total BFF soulmates (like Turk and J.D.), but I can't stop thinking about Shawn and Lassie. Unfortunately, most of the fic I find for them seems pretty OOC. At least for me. I don't know. I just seem a lot more particular about this pairing.

I have another Japanese drama rec for y'all - Voice. I admit, I started watching it for Toma, but after only one episode, it sucked me in.

A group of five medical students take on the task of conveying the "voices of the dead."

Kaji Daiki fails to get into a popular heart surgery seminar but is somehow accepted into a seminar on forensic pathology. When he approaches professor Sagawa and asks him why he ended up in the seminar, Sagawa challenges him by asking why he wants to study heart surgery. Daiki replies that medicine is meaningless after the heart stops, but Sagawa counters that medicine also applies to the dead.

And so, together with fellow students Ryosuke, Kanako, Teppei and Akira, Daiki begins to explore the mysteries of death.

It's sort of like House except the 'patients' are already dead, so instead of trying to figure out what's killing them, they have to find out what killed them. The only thing is that it's airing right now, so I not only have to wait for it to be uploaded, but also subbed.

In real life news... )

ETA: It looks like Kim Manners passed away :( I only sort of watch SPN, but I remember him from my X-Files days.
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I come home from work only to find that Ricardo Montalban has died :( I had no idea he was 88. So far, 2009, you're not looking much better than 2008.

KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! You will be missed.

I don't have much else to say today, other than I got a couple of things at my work that were normally $10 and $20 for only $.96 each - before my 31% discount. And a purse that's usually about $17 for only $4.96.

Now I'm going to go watch Scrubs and rest my feet because they hurt like a mofo.


Dec. 18th, 2008 04:22 pm
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I get off of work to find this - 2008 is almost over right? But before it leaves, it just wants to take as many people with it as possible.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, wife of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry and the actress who portrayed Nurse Chapel on the original science-fiction television series, died Thursday of leukemia, according to the family.

I never got to meet her or see her live. My mom got me her autograph at a convention years ago though. It's on the back of a Lois & Clark card ^_^

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I'm tired of depressing short films. And depressing news.

I had a pretty good day at work, though. There were a couple customers I could have done without, but the majority of people were really nice and patient. 7am-3pm though. I'm sore. And tomorrow is from 1pm-9:30pm. My original shift was 3-9:30, but the manager asked if I wanted to come in early/get more hours. Since I have nothing better to do and more money is a good thing, I agreed. Plus, while I might be tired, I feel better doing this than just sitting at a desk/computer all day. For work, that is. I'm fine sitting at a computer all day if it's for fun. I rather like interacting with people and keeping busy.

My mom is at the Phantom of the Opera right now with her best friend. I'm going to take a shower, watch Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and wait for the Psych Christmas special in about an hour. At least I can sleep in tomorrow. And I got a check for $40 in the mail from that survey site I'm a member of. And I just turned in more points for another $10 check that should be coming soon. So that's $50 I didn't have before :)

Unfortunately, I also got student loan stuff in the mail saying that my payments start next month. So, to cheer myself up - Dancing!RSL )
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How can we elect a President like Obama and still vote to prevent gay couples from adopting or gay people from getting married?

I know, unfortunately, that the fight for equal rights is a long and painful one, but this still pisses me off so much. I feel like crying right now, but for very different reasons than last night.

Also, Best-Selling Author Michael Crichton Dies :(


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