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It is 5:30am and I haven't gone to sleep yet. I was tired about 6 hours ago. WTH? Anyhoo, in that time I've decided that I miss SG-1 an unholy amount and since I actually spent good $ on that complete series set, I am going to attempt

The Great SG-1 Rewatch of 2011

It will be epic. Ideally I'd like to write reviews and add pictures and gifs for every episode. We shall see how much of that actually happens. And it will of course have a decidedly Jack/Daniel bias. Because that's just how I roll.

Of course I still need to be out looking for a job so it might not be very consistent.

And now I'm going to go pass out because my skull hurts and that can't be good. G'night!


Dec. 2nd, 2009 10:06 pm
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SG-1 the complete series is on sale at Amazon for $97.99 (normal price = $329.98)

Should I or shouldn't I? SHOULD I OR SHOULDN'T I?!
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Still computer-less/internet-less.

About to watch the new Psych.

Just stopping by to say how much I miss Daniel Jackson and SG1 - Daniel's 'gate 101 instructional videos (from SGU) <3
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I miss SG1.

That is all.

This early-morning PSA brought to you by my going through my Photobucket account and seeing all the icons/headers I used to make.
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Visit GateWorld every Friday for a new installment of the Friday Five, a countdown of our favorite episodes, characters, technology and more from 15 years of Stargate history! Use trackbacks to post your own Friday Five for this week’s topic on your blog, or post a comment below to let us know how your picks compare.

This Week: Jack & Daniel

Since their first adventure rescuing Abydos from Ra, Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson have been — how do the kids say it these days? — BFFs. They haven’t always seen eye-to-eye (something we love about their relationship), but they do have a great deal of respect for one another. Here are our five favorite moments between these two comrades:
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Third SG-1 movie has a go!

There’s finally progress on the third Stargate SG-1 movie, with news coming out from multiple sources over the last few days that MGM has officially given the film a green light for production. The movie is expected to film in 2009 — probably in the fall... the Atlantis film is also still in the works, and MGM has every intention of making it...

ETA: Also, seeing as how I'm a blog whore (even though I only really use LJ), if anybody had an extra DW invite code, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands ;)
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I am so full of cupcakes right now. Oh, God. I ate like 5 of them. No more sweets this week, LOL.

In other news, some info on the upcoming 3rd SG1 movie. A couple thoughts... )

I'm going to miss the first showing of the series finale of SGA because I get out of work as it starts :( But while no more SGA will make me sad (although with the way this season has been going, not as sad as I might have been), at least Psych is back!

PS Remind me to never try and help or talk to my mom ever again. There is no reason me offering to get her a calender should end up in a fight. I mean, really!

PPS I should really start on that budgeting part of my 101 things list. Especially since I got my very first student loan bill in the mail.

PPPS My Hana Kimi DVDs are on the way!! But no more buying stuff, dammit.
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Someone on [ profile] jackslashdaniel posted a link to X art and the fantastic Jack/Daniel artwork over there. Now, I remember these from years ago. I have them all saved to my computer <3 But I haven't been to the site in forever. So, imagine my surprise/happiness/glee when I found that over a year ago, she(?) had posted some Nathan/Peter artwork. And it is gorgeous. Take a look for yourself. That one's my favorite. But there's also another Nathan/Peter one and even a Matt/Mohinder one. And, while it's not really my thing, there's a kind of adorable Shawn/Gus one too.

PS Camelot ring


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