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I don't often rec fic. I get nervous about telling people what I like for some reason. *shrug* I have been reading some really good fic lately though. Mostly Sherlock. Surprise, surprise. I will actually be in a couple fandoms, but only read for my 'main' one. IDK. And often times the fic for pairings I ship are too OOC or they just feel weird to me. For instance, I like House/Wilson, but I don't really like reading fic about them. I love Peter/Neal, but same thing. And I love Merlin/Arthur, but there are so many high school/modern AUs and fics that just aren't what I'm looking for. Merlin can be a cracky/silly show, but it also has a serious side. When it comes to Merlin fic, I like it to be a little longer and have more of a plot. Maybe because there's an element of mythology and history to it that I just love. Nothing wrong with porn, but give me some story too.

Read this fic - These Castle Walls Bleed Lies (Merlin/Arthur) R and spoilers for all aired episodes (especially the most recent finale because it takes place after that)

Also, I feel bad because I haven't read [ profile] roadstergal and [ profile] kahvi's latest work in the Sherlock fandom. I've been terrible at reading and instead spending most of my time at [ profile] holmesverse. But I've set aside tomorrow so I can properly read it and not do my usual 'hey, I think I'll start this long fic even though it's 1am and I'm kind of tired' and then stay up all night and not even remember what I've read the next day! *headdesk*

Oh, and since I'm already here, a vid rec because DINOSAURS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!!!!!!!!

They Want More from Festi Vidder Anon on Vimeo.

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As seen on [ profile] elandrialore's journal. Watch it full screen and with the sound turned way up. I love stuff like this ♥

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

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Ok, so I'm feeling a little better now. Still anxious/nervous, but better. I have a tendency to overreact and get stuck inside my head. It's not a pretty place to be sometimes ;) But I went out with a friend, we got food, I bought 2 tops from Old Navy (which I feel guilty about now and I'm going to return at least one of them), and we talked for a bit. I've also watched Community and now I'll watch Never Mind the Buzzcocks and then some Merlin and just not think about things right now. I'll deal with things tomorrow and just one step at a time.

In other news:

* My son is gay. Or he’s not. I don’t care. He is still my son. And he is 5. And I am his mother. And if you have a problem with anything mentioned above, I don’t want to know you.

* Newest favorite Merlin vid (and ear candy). I'm not sure why, but I'm back into Merlin big time. I don't know if I'm just excited it's back or it's filling the space left by DW, or now Sherlock, but I'm loving it.

I feel like there's more, but I'm tired and my brain is all over the place at the best of times ;)

ETA: Noel and Jedward on NMTB was EXACTLY what I needed right now. They make 'Dappy look like Stephen Fry' LOL
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I did fuck all today. It's not even funny. It's hot here (and of course I mean the Nor Cal version of 'hot') and is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Thankfully it should be cooling down after that. And there you have our 'summer', folks. Two days of temperatures in the 80s towards the end of August. Yet I still complain :P

Anyhoo, I had today off and I have tomorrow off. Unfortunately my mother is on vacation right now as well. The house is too small for everyone to be off all day at the same time. I didn't get up until after 11am and, as usual, I'm not quite sure how it's become this late without me doing anything. I watched the new Melissa & Joey as well as the new White Collar. Oh, and I watched a couple episodes of my newest addiction, Would I Lie to You? (And yes I know my icon is from QI. Another brilliant show.) I often find myself wishing America had shows like this, but then I realize that the guests (and host most likely) would be shit and terribly awkward to watch. So I thank the Internet Gods instead.

Tomorrow, I hope to be slightly more productive. I mean, I love doing nothing, but you end up feeling more tired and sluggish than before. I hope to be up at least a couple of hours before noon. I hope to maybe leave the house, even for a minute. I'd like to knock some things off my to-do list, no matter how small. I'd like to watch a couple movies because at this rate I'm not going to make 100 before the end of the year. I also want to start rereading the Sherlock Holmes stories along with the [ profile] bakerstreaders :)

Speaking of Sherlock, it's definitely my newest obsession. I loved the stories when I was younger. I loved the TV series with Jeremy Brett (still one of my all time favorite adaptations). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with RDJ and Jude Law. But something about this new series just calls to me. I love Doctor Who, but I don't have the need to really read fanfic and such for it. I love talking about it with fellow fans and trying to work out what's going on, but I haven't really enjoyed reading fanfic and being involved in that part of fandom for a while. I enjoyed Merlin like that for a bit. Torchwood, sort of. Probably not really since Stargate SG-1. I even had a dream where I could see Sherlock and John from the outside, like I was watching the show, but I was John. His thoughts were my thoughts. It was weird and felt very real. Alas, no sexyteims between the boys I'm afraid.

BTW, the world needs more Sherlock vids to Ke$ha songs. Just sayin'.
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I have this whole post I've been 'working' on since the DW ep 'The Lodger' aired, and I'll get to it. Hopefully BEFORE the finale. But I just had to share this real quick like. It's a White Collar fanvid set to 'Skullcrusher Mountain'. It's short, only the first verse and chorus, but it's amusing. And kind of sweet.

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Matt Smith, I kind of love you ♥ (from here)

Esq: Being the new boys on set, have you and (writer/executive producer) Steven Moffat stuck together?

MS: “Steven is a great source of inspiration for me. I’m very fond of the man. There are not many people who make me laugh out loud in the world, but he’s one of them. Quite a peculiar man. I’m allowed to say he’s quite peculiar, because he told everyone that I walk like a drunk giraffe. So if you’re reading this, Steven Moffat, you’re peculiar.”


[ profile] elevenvids is also making me happy =D Especially any vid with an upbeat song. Such as this one:

I got life! )


I've also ordered the book I Love You Phillip Morris (from though because it was cheaper) and I think I'll save it to read on the plane to Europe. That should keep my mind occupied for a little while at least.


And finally, have you guys seen the new USA crossover promos? My favorite is the second one with Neal, Peter, and Gus but they're all adorable <3
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New header: [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn

Doesn't really go with my layout colors but I can change that easily enough. I just really needed a change. And I REALLY need to brush up on my Photoshop 'skills' ;) I'll probably end up with an Eleven/Amy header, but for now I love just looking at the TARDIS in space ♥_♥

Anyhoo, tomorrow is my day off. Gonna spend it in bed watching movies. The way God intended. Friday might suck because of hours and possible visit by higher-ups. Saturday I have to open early, but I'm out before noon. I need to get my eyebrows done and possibly get bangs again. At least I dyed my hair tonight so it's red again. Last time I dyed my hair, the color wasn't nearly red enough for my liking.

Doctor Who (Eleven/Amy with a pinch of Matt/Karen) vid rec: Brand New Day. I've fallen for this fandom and pairing pretty hard. I've been watching since Nine, but it's just that it's so fun again. It's the kind of fandom that reminds you why you love fandom in the first place. Plus, I think I'm developing crushes on both leads. Damn them and their adorableness(es). So... is it Saturday yet?!


For two weeks I'll be hitting Amsterdam, Germany (Cologne), Paris, London, and Dublin with my dad, stepmom, and sister.


Apr. 20th, 2010 12:35 am
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My weekend )

I work the rest of this week. Tomorrow I work my whole shift as the only manager and Wednesday I work a stretch :/ I have Saturday off and even though I'm invited to a party, I might just stay at home and sleep. I can only go out every so often. Being social wears me out. It's one thing if I meet new people who are geeky. We can chat about things. I'm actually quite charming. But give me a group of 'normal' strangers and I don't know what to talk about. I can make conversation, but it's painful.

Anyhoo, Doctor Who was wonderful again. Needed a bit more action!Amy perhaps, but it was touching, insane fun. Matt Smith did a really good job there. And here is an Eleven/Amy vid because even if I'm not sure I ship them exactly, I can't help but think they are adorable and sweet together. Leave feedback for the vid-maker here.

So... I need this series to have more episodes already. I need fanvids that are more than just a minute long. Also, I'm a total hypocrite. I didn't understand Ten/Rose shippers but I seem to be just fine with Eleven/Amy. Even though the true OTP is Doctor/Master and/or Doctor/TARDIS. Yes you can have TWO OTPs with the Doctor because he has TWO hearts.


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