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Friend and I went to see Paranormal Activity 2 last night. I haven't been to a movie on a Friday night in forever. I forgot just how crowded it could get. And how expensive it is. Anyhoo, the movie was surprisingly scary. More so than the first one. At least in my humble opinion. It's like they kept what was really creepy about the first one and left out the ridiculous bits that turned it from 'realistically' scary to bad sci-fi movie. I don't know if that sentence makes sense, but all I'm trying to say is that PA2 is a very creepy movie. And it explains the events of the first one to some degree. Although the idea of weird-ass things happening for no reason might actually be scarier. Whatever. Good movie. Large crowd with good energy. Fun times had by all.

And then on the way home, my friend tells me about something that happened near where I live. A cemetery worker in Colma, Calif., has discovered two plastic jars containing human hearts half buried in a remote section of the town's massive cemetery, according to police. Let's just say that last night wasn't the best night's sleep I've ever had ;)

The town of Colma has approximately 1,500 residents, but more than 1.5 million people are buried in the cemetery, leading to Colma to be dubbed the City of the Dead.

I should point out that we don't just have a cemetery. We have many.


Aug. 15th, 2009 08:20 pm
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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus - best movie ever or BEST MOVIE EVER?

Okay, maybe not so much. But it was still 'better' than most bad sci-fi movies. How's that for a glowing review. Plus, it gave us this fantastic gif:

As well as the scene my icon comes from. Though I am forced to ask: Why is it always San Francisco that gets eaten by giant, formerly frozen, prehistoric sharks? Hmmm...?

PS I guess it's also Joe's birthday today (of the Jonas variety). He's all of 20 now. Still a baby ♥
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Last night I was on the computer until about 2am playing with PSP and making a banner and icon featuring Ikuta Toma and Yoon Eun Hye (a Korean actress). I still wanted Toma in my banner, but I also wanted something different. Plus I think Eun Hye is adorable/gorgeous and I absolutely loved her in Coffee Prince. I'll post some pictures of her when I do my girl!crush picspam. Anyhoo, the banner is simple but I like it. The lyrics are from 'Now Hang Me Up To Dry' by Cold War Kids because thanks to those Burn Notice commercials, I can't get that shit out of my head. Would anybody happen to have that song? Or Lady Gaga's album while I'm asking? *bats eyelashes*

Anyway, the point of this is that now I think I've started shipping it. Ugh, I sound like a fandom!secret. Not in a realistic way of course, but in some. kind. of way... probably a Mary Sue kinda way *shrug* I don't even know how that would work. They just look pretty together ;P But I feel like creating a backstory for them and a fanmix and I don't know what's wrong with me.

After I got off the computer at 2, I watched an episode of Star Trek. TOS of course. I can't seem to fall asleep these days without watching some. The night before I went to sleep around 2am because I just had to finish Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. And now that I finally own all three seasons, look out! I'll never sleep again.


Today we actually had some excitement at work. A car was smoking in front of our store (thankfully not right outside). We were all watching and calling 911 just to make sure the police knew what was going on when the damn thing burst into flames. Only in the front/engine area, but still. Other than movies, I've never seen a car actually on fire. Thank God the fire didn't reach the gas and blow. It was crazy. And smelled disgusting. At one point, we had 4 cop cars and 2 fire engines there. But yeah, that was the highlight of my day.

Oh, and I know y'all probably know about this by now, but if you haven't seen any of those 'literal music videos' floating around there, I recommend you start with 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. I couldn't stop laughing XD
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Pardon my language, but Jesus fucking Christ! *cries and throws up*

In less horrific news, my mom got two new baby rats. I named them Nowaki and Hiroki ;) Also, watch this nu!Trek Kirk-centric vid set to 'Circus' by Britney Spears and be happy. Because 'Kirk's a "put on a show" kind of girl (oh, you know he is).' (Spoilers for the new Star Trek movie)

Yesterday, I worked half a day and then went to San Jose for my sister's career panel (for Girl Scouts). Turns out my cousin is the PR guy for the Oakland Raiders. Who knew? This morning, my dad drove me back so I could work from 12-8:30pm. I'm kinda tired. And it's hot here. Yuck.

And finally, for what it's worth, I have 2 Dreamwidth invite codes, so holla if you want one.
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Although for me it was just another Sunday. Thankfully though, a Sunday I did not have to work.

My mom and I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown. We got there early so we could get parking, but we were so early, they were still setting everything up. So we went shopping in one of the little markets to kill some time. Then I went to the bookstore and bought *cough* a couple *cough* magazines. After we put our food and magazines in the car, we went out into the main area to get some food (beef skewers, takoyaki, and udon) and watch the taiko drummers. It was a lovely day for San Francisco - sunny, but there was a breeze so it wasn't hot. It's too bad I'll in be in San Jose next weekend - George Takei is going to be the Grand Marshal in the parade.

We entered the raffle to possibly win 2 round trip tickets to Japan. God, that would be fantastic *dreams* And since it is Easter, but I don't have a basket, I bought myself a couple chocolate eggs with toys inside. One is cute and the other is a T-rex.


In other news, Amazon is being a douche and I don't want to talk about Red Dwarf because I want to pretend it isn't all over again :(

Re: Amazon (contact info from [ profile] valarltd)

What you can do:
A petition here

Write to the CEO
Jeffrey Bezos.
1200 12th Avenue South,
Washington 98144-2734,
United States
Phone: 206-266-1000
Fax: 206-622-2405

Contact info for Amazon for calls, emails, faxes letters
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I saw the Jonas Brothers live and in person today. They made a 'secret' appearance at the 9:10pm showing of their 3D concert/movie in downtown SF. My friend's brother works there and he let us know about it. I only went to try and get an autograph for my 13 year old sister. But, not too suprisingly, they were only there for like 2 minutes and then left. We got some video of them and I'll give her the poster I got, but yeah. It was crazy. A bunch of pre-teen girls screaming. My friends and I left after they (the Jonas Bros) did. We didn't even stick around for the movie. Honestly, I kinda want to see it, but we were all tired and I have work tomorrow. Ah well. Tomorrow, there may be pictures of my friends and me on (that was the radio show sponsoring the Bros being there).

But the really weird thing about today was that about half an hour ago, a chandelier fell on my head. I was on the computer, like always, and the chandelier that's been above me for 9 years just decides to fall. I think I saw a burst of light first, like a bulb blew, but it all happened so quickly I don't really remember. I was staring at the screen, I think there was a burst of light, I felt something touch me, I screamed and jumped up as glass shattered around me. Thankfully I wasn't hurt or cut, but I'm slightly traumatized. I keep thinking glass and bulbs are going to burst/break all around me like I'm haunted or something. It's also windy as hell out there, so maybe that had something to do with it. I don't know. My first thought was "...but I don't feel an earthquake" and my second thought was "Holy crap! Ghosts!!" Yeah, I don't understand my logic either.

Hell of a way to start a month though, eh?
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Stargate Atlantis co-star Jason Momoa was assaulted at a Hollywood cafe last Saturday, November 15, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Twenty-one-year-old Venice resident Dominic Bando argued with Momoa at the cafe, according to the L.A. County district attorney's office, striking him in the face with a pint beer glass, which shattered.

Momoa needed 140 stitches to his face during reconstructive surgery.


140 stitches?! Jesus.
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Jesus Christ. Now I just have to worry about Prop 8. At the moment, it's

Yes 351,830 59%
No 248,107 41%

but only with 3% of precincts counted so far. That better change or I'm going to be fucking PISSED.

ETA: Still not looking so good :/

WTH, California?!

ETA 2: Ballot Measures at
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* Drake and Josh are going to present at the VMAs.
For some reason, the idea of possibly hearing Russell Brand say their names makes me smile. Russell Brand meets Nickelodeon <3

* The Best Week Ever Blog lists 12 Steps For David Duchovny To Cure His Sex Addiction .
*tries not to laugh* Oh, GOD! The flukeworm!man *gags*

* House S5 Promo Stills "Dying Changes Everything"

I'm here -

Today was my last day at Gynesonics. It was a nice day. Bloody hot, though.

I was going to go out to lunch with my stepmom, but it kind of turned into a girls lunch thing when the other two people who work in my area came with us. It was really nice talking to them outside of work.

I'll miss my coworkers. Everyone there was very nice to me and fun to work for/with. Even the boss, especially the boss, was really cool. He's one of those big kids and I just hope I get a boss like him again.

After dinner, my dad took my sister and me to the mall where I got the new Geek Monthly magazine with Simon Pegg on the cover and The Middleman and Psych on the inside. It's like winning the magazine lottery <3 I also got a pair of T-Rex skeleton earrings ^_^

And now I have to pack because tomorrow I'm going back to Daly City for a week and next weekend I'm off to Scotland/England.

Still can't quite believe it o_0


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