Mar. 31st, 2011 11:09 pm
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I used a hair removal cream for my face and I think I wiped it off too hard because the skin is raw and in paaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin. I see bits of red and even tiny bits of blood on the ice pack I put on it. I think I rubbed the top layer of skin right off 0_o I put some Neosporin on the area because it has a numbing thing in it. So I think I'll stop using that cream! I've only used it maybe twice before and the results were never impressive anyway. I'll pay for waxing if I have to. Hey Zeus.

In better news, my friend should be coming down tomorrow night because we're seeing Frankenstein on Saturday. While she's here, I'm planning on making these Sloppy Buffalo Joes (OMGSOGOOD), these cupcakes because I effing love them, and these oatmeal chocolate chip pudding cookies which I've never made before but in all descriptions people say they're crack so they must be good! I was just browsing more recipes and I think I might make these for breakfast. So many ideas. So little time.

And I might be going to my dad's the weekend of 4/23 so my sister and I can have a Doctor Who party. We're going to watch the premiere and make cupcakes or something. I don't know yet. Red Velvet probably. My sister is addicted to that shit.
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Went to Japantown today with mom. A nice, rainy, grey day. We got lunch at Isobune and I got a few things from the market for a Japanese snack package I'm offering at [ profile] help_japan (banner/link at bottom of entry). After that, we went to the post office on 24th Street to drop off my student loan payment and pick up some boxes for shipping the snack package. While we were in the area, I also got a lemon drop cupcake and a mint chocolate mini cupcake. I ate the latter before I could take a picture of it though ;)

Just a few pictures from today... )

Aaaaaaand here is the link to my Japanese snack package over at [ profile] help_japan (which for some reason my mind wants to read as 'halp_japan' 0_o):

My offering of icons can still be found over here! Speaking of, [ profile] entwashian and [ profile] tresa_cho, y'all are awesome ♥♥♥♥
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I'm going to spam you a couple times tonight, I'm not really sorry.


And I don't really do award shows because the second hand embarrassment is just TOO MUCH for me, but spoilers for winners/losers )
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Because I still love Joe's stupid face ♥

One of the best cupcake recipes HOMG )

I was just going to make cupcakes and watch movies today, but my friend called and wanted to get dinner. Her husband was just fired and she's upset and doesn't really want to go home right after work. So while it's not under ideal circumstances, at least I get to see a friend today. I'm gonna give her one of my cupcakes :)
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Mom's back home. She's a lot more mobile than I thought she'd be, so that's good. She's able to walk with just her cane so far. We have a walker for my grandma that she was going to use, but as long as she takes her time, a cane seems to work just fine.

I am so tired though. I didn't go to sleep until around 2am and then I woke up a couple times. Once because I heard my grandma talking to herself. I went into her room and she was out of bed and had folded all of her blankets like she was getting ready to leave. Then the rat decided to drop his bowl of food down his cage which scared the crap out of me. And then my mom's alarm went off around 5:30am because that's when she gets up for work. I finally fell back asleep, but had to get up to make grandma breakfast. Mom finally got dropped off around 1pm. Seeing that she was alright did a lot to ease my mind. My head's been killing me all day though and I could probably go to sleep right now. Except I'm worried mom might need something and there's an all new White Collar on tonight <3

*YAWN* We'll see if I can last that long tonight. Tomorrow (or sometime this week) I want to return something to Old Navy and get some good candy hearts from Target. I got Brach's forgetting that they are not the same as Sweethearts. Not bad, but barely any flavor at all. I also have a couple of other recipes to make this week including cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Any excuse to eat sweets! So maybe expect more food!shots this week ;D
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Today. Today was emotionally exhausting. My mom got picked up by her boss/friend/my Godmother at around 11am and they drove to the hospital in San Jose. Her surgery started around 2pm. It was supposed to take a couple of hours I think but I got a call about an hour and a half later saying that she was already in recovery. Everything had gone smoothly and it was a textbook procedure. She was out of it for a couple hours, but about an hour ago, she called me from her room saying that she was doing okay. She was on pain meds, but thankfully not morphine because she wasn't slurring her words/speaking in slow motion. She was bemoaning the fact that she got sugar free jello for dinner (she doesn't like jello) :) She could have been released today, but everyone (including her finally) agreed that maybe a night in the hospital where they could watch her, drug her, and show her how to get around might be a good idea. So she should be back tomorrow afternoon. She'll be in quite some pain, but it sounds like this was a good decision. Because she had never had her back really taken care of the first time, there was quite a bit to clean out in there.

I think my grandma, who has Alzheimer's, sensed something was off/that my mom wasn't here. She was acting extra crazy today and talking about her mother. I hate it when she does that. She's 94, but I'm not about to just tell her that her mother is long dead. So I try to steer the conversation into another direction.

And as for me, I was a nervous wreck all day until I actually talked to my mom. Couldn't really focus on anything and I'd start crying for no good reason. I had a headache all day and my stomach was beyond upset. But I'm doing better now. Now that I know she's okay. Brother and I had leftover chili he had made a couple days ago, and I made some cornbread muffins from scratch to go with it. In fact, I'm too tired to think of something different. Sorry, today's picture will be another meal )


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