Feb. 9th, 2011

spacemonkeyluvn: (tmnt:: pissed off Raph)
So hey, I seemed to have gotten a pretty powerful virus from Mediafire. *sigh* The kind that pops up an 'antivirus' warning and tells you to download a program because it has found HUNDREDS of problems. It's called Antivira or something like that. Now my poor computer is with the Geek Squad for 3-5 days and I'm out more money than I'd care to admit. Just what we need right now. That money could have been for food or student loans. I'm really pissed right now, both at the virus and at myself. I hate Mediafire. Everyone has pop ups, but theirs have always seemed really bad. And it was just to see scans of Toma. And I'm still so tired. Mom needed help at 3am and then every now and then for the rest of the day so I barely got any sleep. I'm so tired/frustrated I just want to cry. And then I want to smack myself because as far as problems go, it could be so much worse. I'm just pissed and scared. I'm so addicted to my computer/the internet, I don't know what I'll do without it. Thankfully, my brother is letting me borrow his for now, but it's not just the same. It doesn't have my programs or files and *sigh* I should just get offline and read my book.

I don't know if I'll be able to do my picture a day thing now, but I'll try. Which isn't really important, but whatever.

On the plus side, I really enjoyed White Collar last night. Even had a wonderful Peter/Neal dream.

I'm going to go make dinner.


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