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I don't even find any of them particularly attractive, but I looooove synchronized dancing. And Asian boybands/pop music in general. Not like you needed to know this. It's just that I'm trying to listen to this on Youtube while I do other stuff but I keep getting distracted by the video 0_0


I'll probably pimp again closer to the date. Come and play. It's fun :D
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This time around, Team Passion is where it's at! Click on the pic above, or go to [ profile] holmesverse :D


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Since [ profile] sherlockland seems to be mostly dead, a kind soul has started a new Sherlock Land Comm. There are only two teams right now, Team Passion and Team Logic, and it looks pretty active atm. So join and have fun =D
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So, after resisting for I don't know how long, I've finally joined a 'land' comm. Come with us now on a journey through time and space. To [ profile] booshland!

Let me tell you a little (slightly embarrassing) story. I had given my choices for which team I wanted (Vince being my first) last night. I didn't have time to check my email this morning before work though and I was DYING to know which team I was placed into. So I check my email on my cell at the bus stop. I read 'Team Vince' and I made a happy sound followed by an excited fist pump.

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Get ready to match the stars!
[ profile] matchgamelj

it's fun! especially with more people =D

and now i'm off to do homework for my next class.


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