Apr. 6th, 2011 08:57 pm
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Work was okay. I'm too tired to even talk about it though. I started getting a headache right around the time I was supposed to leave so that kind of sucked but at least I didn't have it all day. I'm not feeling very well though. Something is wrong with my body again. And between that and LJ still being fucked up, I'm just more stressed and depressed than before. I went from being in a good mood to worrying about what should be my happy place. I'm in the queue to have my LJ imported to Dreamwidth and instead of relaxing, I'm going to start going through my memories and scrapbook and download/save what I can before I have to go to sleep. I hate that I even have to think like that, but LJ is more than just casual to me and I don't know what I'd do if I lost everything.

I still have 11 DW invites so if you need one, just let me know! PM me your email and I'll send one your way :) Also, if you have a Dreamwidth account, can you link it to me? Or just come find me there. I'm Spacemonkeyluvn over there as well. I'm also Spacemonkeyluvn over on Twitter. And Warpedinside over at Tumblr.
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I'm not planning on leaving LJ any time soon, but it never hurts to be prepared. Vox is closing and Greatest Journal is gone, so now I'm left with:

Insane Journal -

Dreamwidth -
(and it looks like I still have 10 invite codes, so let me know if you want one!)

Twitter -

Tumblr -
(which I only really use to post my own photos. and I really need to stop procrastinating and update with the rest of my Eurotrip pics)

When in doubt, look for 'spacemonkeyluvn' ;)

Also, the Sherlock Holmes fandom has created some fantastic (and quite a few cracky) vids lately, but I just want to draw hearts all over this one and hug it close <3

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Feel free to friend me at any of these places, although I'm still staying here on LJ. In fact, I only post on/check the other sites when LJ goes down. Which it does more often than I'd like ;D
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i figured since i see so many other people doing it, i'll do it too. although i joined the other sites before this LJ mess; back when all we had to worry about were implosions and whatnot ;)


basically, i'm spacemonkeyluvn wherever i go ^_^

i don't really plan on using them too much unless i have to. also i'll update this post if/when i get another blog.


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