Feb. 21st, 2011

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I tried to go to sleep early last night because I knew I'd have to get up early today, but I just couldn't. I actually got off the computer about 10:30 which is really early for me these days, but I guess I made the mistake of seeing what was on TV first. Turns out Latter Days was on LOGO, and even though I've seen it, I just HAD to watch it again *headdesk* Sooooo didn't end up going to sleep until about 12:30/1am :/ And I had to wake up at 7 to walk to the bus to take to the BART station to take me to the open house.

Somehow I actually got out of bed at 7:15 and was able to get ready in time for the bus. Got downtown easily enough, I just had never really been there so I wanted to give myself enough time. I got there early, so I had breakfast at Burger King (ugh wish I hadn't) and then read for a bit until it was time to sign in.

Things started at about 10am. There was a presentation first where they gave us the basic info about the school, and then we broke off into groups based on what we wanted to study. They showed us around and we got to see the library and a couple classrooms. We weren't allowed to go into any of the kitchens, but we got to look in. They also have a restaurant in the school that if you're studying food/baking, you'll be working in there at some point to really get some hands on learning experience. It's a quarter system which I'm used to, coming from UCSC. They talked mostly to the people coming in as graduating seniors, so more about the degrees and such. If I went, it would only be for the diploma because I already have a BA and I don't need any more gen ed, thank you very much.

After the tour, they had people who wanted to apply go ahead and do that there so that they could talk to someone about FAFSA and such since all that is due soon. I still have a lot to think about and plan, so if I do this, it might not be until next year. I just looked and FAFSA for California is due March 2nd, so yeah. I definitely won't be ready by then. Though I'm talking to a friend online and she's saying I should fill out FAFSA now just in case. Can you do that if you're not even sure you'll be going to school for a while?

Either way, I'm going to have to look into a job, even part time. I'd like to be able to pay off my school as I go along if I decide to do it, and I need money anyway. So much to think about! But in a good way, I guess. It's a time for changes. I'm just really tired today. Might make it an ACTUAL early night tonight.

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