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Sometimes I'm such a Libra it's ridiculous. As always, when an important decision needs deciding, I come to y'all. While I look for jobs and such, I'm going to use a little of the money my dad gave me to buy a stand mixer so I can work on my baking skillz. That's right. Skills with a 'z'. Skillz. BUT I don't know which one to get. Well, that's not really true. I know exactly which one, I just don't know if I can rationalize paying almost $50 more for the color I want. After all, even if I still spend that money, but on something else, I could get way more than just a paint job for a stand mixer *headdesk* This is the mixer in question, btw.

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I either have a bug or pretty bad allergies. My nose is plugged up so that I couldn't breathe last night. I finally passed out around 4/4.30am while watching Drake & Josh. I must have snored something fierce because my throat is all dry and scratchy and I can't stop doing the annoying dry throat cough :/ I'm drinking a lot of water but it's not helping. My mom did go out to get me Ricola cough drops and chicken soup though. That should help. Hopefully. It better! I have Frankenstein to watch this weekend. Although, as I'm writing this, my lungs are starting to hurt :/ In order to slightly amuse myself and to keep myself from dwelling too much on it, whenever I cough, I try to fake the Zoolander black lung cough.

I had a weird dream last night. It had Jack and Daniel as a couple but Jack was a Jack/Sherlock hybrid and Daniel was a Daniel/John hybrid. They looked like Jack and Daniel but they acted like a mix of them plus Sherlock and John. Whatever, Jack and Daniel were making out so I wasn't about to start complaining.

My brother was watching Enterprise earlier today and it was "In a Mirror, Darkly" but he had no idea what was going on, so I showed him "Mirror, Mirror" and he kept going 'Oh, I get it now! That must be what they were referencing.' It was amusing to watch :D

My Starfleet sweatshirt was shipped and expected delivery is April 6th!! Want it now, but I guess I can wait. Since I don't really have a choice :P

And that is all that is noteworthy, atm. I've been applying to jobs and I had my phone interview with unemployment so I guess I'll find out if I'm getting anything in about 10 days. What an exciting life I lead :P
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More TOS? More TOS.

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Video under cut because it's huge )

And in related news, I'm never going to sleep again. After the nightmares I just had, this is going to seriously traumatize me 0_0
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Between seeing Paul yesterday afternoon and then watching a marathon of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files on SyFy right before bed, I had some effed up dreams/nightmares last night. The kind where you wake up with a jolt and a bit of a yell at 3am and you can't go back to sleep because every time you close your eyes you feel like something's there. I swear I felt something touch my shoulder. And in case you didn't know, I've been fascinated and SCARED TO DEATH of aliens and abductions since I was a kid. While I don't think they'd really bother with most of the crap people claim they do, the thought of it all being real is enough to terrify me. The TNG episode where some of the crew gets abducted, sliced up, and put back together stills bothers me. YOU'RE ALREADY IN SPACE AND YOU'RE STILL GETTING ABDUCTED?! I have to turn the volume down whenever I hear that clicking noise. *shudder*

So about that movie, Paul... (spoilers within) )

Where was I going with this? Ummm... I laughed out loud quite a few times and was quite entertained. I look forward to adding this to my DVD collection when it comes out. Might even go see it in the theater again. I love their sense of humor and even though I felt like poop again as soon as the movie was over, for a couple hours I had a wonderful time :D

But I'm still feeling icky. Thankfully, I have new Community tonight and we have Dogma from Netflix. I still have a few other things I really need to do, but maybe I can squeeze them in tomorrow. I'm just not feeling the motivation today. It figures that the one night I actually go to sleep early because I'm so tired, I end up having nightmares about being abducted and barely get any sleep :/
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AKA Shatner's 80th birthday ♥ I still would

His giggle. HIS GIGGLE. ♥_♥

I feel shitty so I'm just going to spend the rest of the day watching TOS.
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