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My brother went to his friend's last night to spend the weekend. My friend was going to come up from Santa Cruz later tonight.

I get up today to a million missed calls from my brother. He spent the night throwing up and mom had to go pick him up. It's bad enough that he's sick, but his friend is HIV positive and already in and out of hospitals.

After that I check my text messages. My friend had been having a bad and possibly allergic reaction to medication she's on. So she's at the college health center getting tests done and it's looking like she won't be able to come up. Not like it would be the best idea with everyone in this house being bloody sick anyway. Actually she just text me. The skin allergy test was negative so they gave her another oral dose and she reacted. So they're going to watch her and she has to go to the hospital to get shots 3 days in a row.

When my mom brought my brother home she also brought in the mail. I was turned down for unemployment. Not totally surprised, but still disappointed.

So that's my awesome Friday so far. I'm still hoping to go see Frankenstein tomorrow but at this point, who knows? I think I might just take a nap. My head is still killing me.
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